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Next week we expect the new Tangerine Dream in.
Tangerine Dream - SESSIONS VI (cd) 22079

It features the live session with new Tangerine Dream Member Paul
Frick recorded at RBB Sendesaal Berlin in November 2018..
Release date: 7th Oct 2020

THE SESSIONS VI EP contains a long instant live composition from the
current TD line-up Thorsten Quaeschning, Ulrich Schnauss, Hoshiko
Yamane and new TD member PAUL FRICK. This live session was recorded at
the RBB Sendesaal in Berlin (November 3, 2018) during the Elektro
Beats Festival organized by RADIO EINS.

Tangerine Dream are very much enjoying their new respectively revived
concept of performing a so-called real time composition session at the
end of their concerts. We hope that you will enjoy this spontaneous
and exceptional live track - inspired by the location and a great
festival audience as well.

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Please keep in mind that this will be released by the end of October so it will
be a few weeks until it is in. If you order it with other CD's let us know what you
want us to do, ship the in stock orders or wait until all are in.

Tangerine Dream - PILOTS OF THE PURPLE TWILIGHT (10-cd) 22693

These are on their way to us, hopefully in next week.

Tangerine Dream - TYGER (RSD) (lp) 35439
Tangerine Dream - PHAEDRA RSD 2020 (2-lp) 36156

We get a few of the special Record Store Day LP's in.
Virgin EMI is releasing a special version of Tangerine Dream‘s classic
album Phaedra for Record Store Day 2020.

Groove is also on Bandcamp.

And we have added all John Dyson and all Paul Wards releases on there.
some titles are no longer available as CD but now we have them there.
They will also be soon on the Groove page.

New on Groove!!.
on Bandcamp and our download pages.

GR-293 - Teardrops - Robert Marselje

The tracks are composed between 1998 and 2019
As time passes, some memories fade away.
To keep the memories alive i tried to capture them with music.

Two tracks are inspired by the loss of loved ones (6,7)
Two tracks are a linked to the Blue Team (1,10)
One track was rewritten for this CD, thanks to Eelke Krikke on guitar (5)
Some tracks were inspired by EM heroes from the past,
you know who…

Some dreams need to evolve, take time to get shape.
But inspiration can not be forced, therefore recording new material
took “a bit” longer than expected.
When i had a few tracks and let Ron listen to them, he said to me:
“make more like this and make them longer”...

So i did. - Enjoy

GRcdr10001 - Romerium - APOLLO (cdr)

Romerium creates musical impressions of landscapes, cosmos,
architecture and human believings...

The Apollo program was designed to land humans on the Moon and bring
them safely back to Earth. Six of the missions (Apollos 11, 12, 14,
15, 16, and 17) achieved this goal. Apollos 7 and 9 were Earth
orbiting missions to test the Command and Lunar Modules, and did not
return lunar data. Apollos 8 and 10 tested various components while
orbiting the Moon, and returned photography of the lunar surface.
Apollo 13 did not land on the Moon due to a malfunction, but also
returned photographs. The six missions that landed on the Moon
returned a wealth of scientific data and almost 400 kilograms of lunar
samples. Experiments included soil mechanics, meteoroids, seismic,
heat flow, lunar ranging, magnetic fields, and solar wind experiments.
All tracks, except track 5, are named after the landing sites of all
manned Apollo flights.

GRcdr10002 - Tonal Assembly - MEDITATION NO.1 (cdr)

This is one long track with a unique feel. Played in one take.
Mainly piano and soft evolving synths that will transfer you into a dreamy
world. The music is perfect for a nice night laying down and watching
the stars twinkle in the sky. Heaven can wait with these sounds!
It's already here on this earth.

Now instock!!

These products are NEW in our catalog.
Further in this newsletter are more details.
Alio Die & Lorenzo Montanà - Threshold Of Beauty (digipak) (cd)
Forrest Fang - Ancient Machines (digipak) (cd)
Forrest Fang - Gongland (digipak) (cd)
Harald Grosskopf - Krautwerk (digipak) (cd)
Harald Grosskopf - Krautwerk (LP/CD) (lp + cd)
Gunther Wüsthoff - [To|DigI]Tal (digipak) (cd)
Robert Marselje - Teardrops (cd)
Romerium - Apollo (cdr)
Michael Rother - Solo II (cd)
Günther Schickert - Nachtfalte (cd)
Tonal Assembly - Meditation No.1 (cdr)
Tyndall - Reflexione (digipak) (cd)
V/A - Schallplatte 22 (cd) <-- LAST 2 COPIES!

New additions in the Catalog.
The new CD/Book releases in the catalog are the following!

Robert Marselje - Teardrops (cd)
Johannes Schmoelling - 20 (cd)
Tangerine Dream - Phaedra RSD 2020 (2-lp)
Tangerine Dream - Pilots of the Purple Twilight (box) (10-cd)
Tangerine Dream - Tyger (RSD) (lp)
V/A - Tone Science Module No.4 Form and Function (digipak) (cd)
Vangelis - Gift -Coloured- (2-lp)
Bernd-Michael Land - Slowing World (cd)
ERIK WØLLO & MICHAEL STEARNS - Convergence (digipak) (cd)
Michael Rother - Solo II (cd)
Günther Schickert - Nachtfalte (cd)
David Wright + Stephan Whitlan - Reflecting Sky (cd)
Gert Emmens - Outland 2 (cd)

====== Dreamscape Radio =======
Dreamscape Radio show 560 is on line.
A rerun of an episode out of 2014!!due to the fact that the Studio
is being rebuild and refitted. Hopefully next week a new issue.
With music from various Artists.
You can find Dreamscape here.

Thanks for your time.

Ron Boots

======= Reviews ======
22399 ERIK WØLLO & MICHAEL STEARNS - Convergence

What a great album my friends! A musical rendezvous with Erik Wollo
and Michael Stearns just can't be refused. We are dealing here with
two veterans of the EM scene in these ambient forms closest to our
roots, as far from our desire for introspection. Leave that to others!
The others are them. Both are solitary spirits. One is sedentary who
likes to travel, the other is a nomad who drags his Siberian lyricism
in his backpack. Two magnificent musicians who are responsible for
dozens of albums that touched us, that moved us from all over the
world. Ambient panoramas created from the stars, like form the oceans
where a Norwegian guitarist deposits the icy sighs and tears of his
steel guitar, CONVERGENCE is the meeting of two artists whose opposing
styles couldn't hope for such a zenith in order to create an
astonishing unexpected complicity.
The opening of Triptyk plunges us into the Scandinavian ambiences of
Erik Wollo with his guitar tears which spread in a sibylline chorus
which struggles to contain his tears. The movement is slow and we feel
this coldness gradually melts as the shimmering layers of ocean water
sparkle more and more and a bass line and two to three muffled steps
of the sequencer, creating the illusion of keyboard riffs, sculpt the
ambient rhythm of Triptyk. On the harmonic riffs of the guitar,
Michael Stearns has woven a form of sonic lasso that he makes twirl
around this semi-ambient structure, thus creating the illusion of a
rhythm which takes off. And take-off it takes place when a cloud of
enchanted fairies flap their wings to drag the title into an illusory
dance world, while guitar and keyboard forge a musical rainbow that
lights up our ears as much as our soul. A particularly good title
which opens a completely splendid album if the ambient folk or
progressive ambient are your cup of tea. The introduction of Ruins of
the Past reminds me of the taciturn moments of Darshan Ambient. Guitar
note s flow one by one in front of a veil of ambiences woven by the
shimmering synths of Michael Stearns and the tears of the six-string
from our Scandinavian bard. The evolution of the title takes place at
the level of its intensity, like several titles in CONVERGENCE, which
draws its muffled impulses in a radiant sound mass coming from the
textural convergence of the duo Wollo & Stearns. The Way Ahead I
offers an ambient Folk-Gypsy texture. Although catchy, the rhythm
waltzes with rudimentary orchestrations including a violin and its
staccato which tears these ambiences subdued by the campfires, defying
the guitar and its harmonic riffs. The more the ambiences come alive
and the more its staccatos ignite, but everything remains in the
forbidden gaiety of the gypsies. There is an intense wrapping horror
movie vibes in the texture of A Solitary Place which is an ambient
title heavy of its prismatic ambiences. The synth pads oxygenate the
ambiences with iodine vapors. Everything is in sus p ension, like
these sibylline voices which float in ocher radiance. An acoustic
rhythm makes us nod our heads; our ears amazed by these percussions
imitating the walk of a horse on stone in a texture which amplifies
its stranglehold on our attention. There are great arrangements here,
like these orchestral layers which rise and engulf us in an obscure
tunnel where no one will find us.
A title like Erik Wollo offers often, The Nomad's Journey is inspired
by The Way Ahead I, but in a more rock vision when the elements are
unleashed. Guitar tears and synth pads engage in a furious fight whose
only winner is the enrichment of ambiences. The acoustic six-string of
EW traces splendid provisional ballads on this intense track, as if
the wrath of the heavens were still at their tips of chords. And it is
precisely in the rain that Somewhere in the Distance counterbalances
by offering a stylized ambient texture à la Michael Stearns. The
terrestrial elements weep under oblong flexible rever berating rods
where astral luminous filaments cling. Everything is delicate here,
like this flute mutating into a voice and its opposite when it's not
the two visions crying under the heat of the reverberating drones.
This is Pacific School at its best! The Way Ahead II recovers all the
musical warmth that radiated in the troubled waters of its first part
to sculpt one of the most beautiful moments of this album. Multilayers
of guitars that add up in a voluptuous linear crescendo, the music is
the spirit of a stroll among the nymphs and elven landscapes whose
horizons forge the radiant echo of this ambient melody, slightly
tinged with a sibylline paradox. A paradox just to throw in the sketch
of an intriguing avenue that begins around the 4th minute to lead us
into an intense final. Subterranean Canyon is a nice ambient title
with a series of riffs and their echoes which resonate on the pulse of
bass pulsations. This rhythm in non-rhythm becomes a kind of Gaelic
procession which is covered of mysteries in a splendid duel between
these ethereal gothic murmurs and the slow orchestrations which
release a slight earthquake in staccato. Subterranean Canyon goes
through two phases of intensity in this astral journey which is one of
the jewels of this album. After an introduction of shimmering effects,
The Herald falls for good ambient tribal folk with many textures of
manual percussions. A bit like in The Way Ahead I, we perceive a
bohemian essence in an intense passage that the effects and the big
synth of Michael Stearns bring back the music to the well of its
ambiences. Four minutes of seraphic ambiences for an astral explosion
of 2 minutes of this quality, I take! Two great artists like Erik
Wollo and Michael Stearns couldn't leave us without leaving a calling
card in our hearts. This card is Cirrus (Postlude)! Its static
maelstrom finds a gentle slope to release its prisms and colors from
the ocean floors unique to the one who gave us M'Oceans. Observer,
Erik W ollo makes his notes which flow in these ethereal waters drag
until he finds the right tone in order to sculpt a last melody which
lies, plucked in these strings of loneliness, until it dies in my
ears. A splendid album, period!
Sylvain Lupari (August 17th, 2020)

======= Reviews ======
46628 Skoulaman - Deepminds

A brand new composition, the title-track offers a vaporous opening
where the spectral mists spread to make a keyboard hear the notes
detach from its nostalgia. The mist stretches the strings of its
violin, while the synth throws floating airs that were believed to be
mist. A bass line extends its bed of reverberations in this dark and
ambient decor up until these hopping of sequenced arpeggios, which
tinkle like a clock without time, rise from this mist of ether to
dance softly. Like silver feathers rolling in loops on a thin framed
path, they form this ambient rhythm where mist and silver unite their
colors in a silvery sheath. A second bass line projects rhythmic
waves, giving a slight tone to a structure that will often be heard on
DEEPMINDS. What a beautiful album my friends! For his 7th album,
Skoulaman has decided to keep it simple. Getting back to base! To
complete his latest album, Hans Van Kroonenburg picked up 4 tracks
which have b e en on YouTube since 2016. Deepminds, Mytilini
Intermission and the excellent Polymood were composed in 2019.
Skoulaman's son Rik van Kroonenburg comes to perform his customary
appearance by torturing his electric six-strings on Mytilini
Intermission. The only disappointment of DEEPMINDS which remains
however an excellent album. An album which bewitches us with these
frameworks of rhythmic lines which are mainly conceived from these
ambient and floating rhythms of Klaus Schulze. And his Body Love years
to Mirage inspire a universe of enchantment with crossings with the
dreamlike vision of Kitaro and that a little more rock of Tangerine
Dream with as a bonus a nod to England School and fabulous synth
solos… like in La Belle Époque!
Shades of Oceanblue rises from the dark fog breezes. Modulations in
the ambiences push the music to the keyboard which makes chords clink
in this idle serenity rigged. Everything seems messy in this opening
which gradually releases a circular melody wit h oriental flavors
which swirls like a minimalist sequence in a decor where the glass
sheets clink under the azure winds. This concerto of chimes is
bypassed by these sequences which go up and up without reaching any
ceiling, like these minimalist rhythmic naps by Klaus Schulze whose
choir of absent voices hum these meaningless verses in this decor
where Kitaro wouldn't be lost playing there. The nebulous
introductions to the Klaus Schulze are legion here and Four is more
Chill Out must also be used to it. Thereafter, it's the very musical
dance of various arpeggios and of shimmering sequences. These two
elements jump and sparkle in a long endless tube, while all around
this Chill-Out concept gets organize with a good soft bass line and
sober percussions which are supported by percussive effects, including
rattlesnakes resonating like wooden clappers. A great track which
leaves its rhythmic traces imprinted between our two ears for a few hours.
What's wrong with Mytilini Intermi ssion? I would probably say the
sound of the guitar which seems to lack oxygen! The rhythm movement is
typical to Skoulaman and particularly to the moods of the album.
Consistent with what the father and son duo have created since Andros
Awakenings, the guitar makes itself feel by a discreet presence.
Scattering these chords here and there, she becomes confident by
weaving canvases of riffs which begin to roar for a few laps of
rhythmic sequences further. The peaceful Berlin School becomes an
essence for progressive rock whose guitar becomes furious. And then it
melts into a blues, and finally into an ethereal memory. The problem
is that the guitar doesn't shine and that its partition seems to be
subdued compared to the music. It gave me the effect of a bootleg
where the part of the guitarist is recorded from afar. But whatever,
the guitar seems lonely ... But we forget all that when Polymood
develops between our ears. This is an excellent Berlin School with a
more rock vision. Sko u laman continues to exploit these Schulze-style
sequencer structures from the Body Love years, but with a curt and
faster flow, thus giving Polymood a nervous and spasmodic appearance.
An organic tone has infiltrated the sequencer which takes on an
organic character, a bit like in the style developed by Steve Roach
with Skeleton Keys. And these two temporal encounters give a wonderful
musical texture of 12 minutes when Skoulaman foils our ears with a
discreet cosmic guitar and his synth solos in a lunar decor with stars
that sparkle and tinkle subtly. Four is More is the first part of Four
is More Chill Out. Unpaved Roads is another great electronic rock,
more England School this time, where the visions of Under the Dome and
Airsculpture collide in a furious cosmic rock adorned with superb synth solos.
A great album, only available for download, DEEPMINDS should certainly
appeal to Skoulaman fans as well as aficionados of the vintage Berlin
School genre. An album that doesn't des erve to vegetate on a download
platform moreover...
Sylvain Lupari (June 12th, 2020)

======= Reviews ======
73570 FD.Project - Lunaris (German TXT)

Nachdem der aus Dinslaken stammende Frank Dorittke, aka F.D. Project,
im letzten Jahr ein Album unter seinem Namen veröffentlichte, kommt
Anfang August 2020 ein weiteres Album unter seinem Pseudonym F.D.
Project auf den Markt. Es trägt den Titel „Lunaris“ und macht das
Dutzend Alben unter diesem Projektnamen voll. Der Gitarrist und
Keyboarder hat die zehn Stücke auf seinem neuen Werk, deren Titel
„Part One“ bis „Part Ten“ tragen, wiederum im Alleingang eingespielt.

Sechs der zehn Stücke weisen Laufzeiten von mehr als sieben Minuten
auf. Die restlichen Stücke liegen zwischen 3:46 und 6:37 Minuten
Länge. Die einzelnen Parts stehen alle für sich und ergeben keinen Longtrack.

Franks Musik wandelt seit jeher zwischen rein elektronischer und
leicht rockiger Musik. Letzteres kommt immer dann zum Vorschein, wenn
Frank an der Gitarre zu Werke geht, was die Stücke ein ums andere Mal
in Sphären von Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd & Co. hebt. Er hat aber einen
so eigenen Stil, den man schon nach wenigen Augenblicken erkennt. So
auch gleich beim eröffnenden 8:18minütigen „Part One“. Dröhnende
Synthies eröffnen zunächst dieses Stück, gepaart von herrlichen,
voluminösen Flächensounds. Dann setzen der Sequenzer und kurz darauf
elektronische Rhythmen ein und man erkennt schon den typischen
Dorittke. Das klingt bekannt und doch neu. Darauf setzt Frank dann
eine sehr ansprechende Melodielinie, die das Tüpfelchen auf dem i
darstellt. Im letzten Abschnitt fügt er dann noch ein atmosphärisches,
melodisches Gitarrensolo ein, das so unverwechselbar nach Dorittke
klingt. Ein klasse Einstieg ins neue Album, der nach mehr verlangt.

Sphärisch zeigt sich dagegen das 7:28minütige „Part Two“ bei dem auch
gesangliche Stimmen (wahrscheinlich Samples) eingebaut wurden. Der
Track wirkt wie eine Kollaboration von Frank mit dem Elektronikpionier
Klaus Schulze. Mystisch schweben die Klanggebilde, unterlegt von
rhythmischen Elementen dur ch den Raum. Die darauf gesetzten
Harmoniebögen unterstützen zunächst den spacigen Ansatz um dann von
einem Schlagzeugrhythmus aufgepeppt zu werden. Ein sanft
dahintreibender Track, der zum Abheben einlädt.

Das neunminütige „Part Three“ beginnt ebenfalls sphärisch mit leichten
hymnischen Zügen. Das klingt zunächst wie ein Soundtrack zu einem
Weltraumabenteuer. Sobald dann aber die E-Gitarre einsetzt, geht es
schnell in Richtung Pink Floyd zur „Wish You Were Here“-Phase. Ein
traumhaftes Stück für Floyd-Fans, da Frank den Spirit von David
Gilmour perfekt rüberbringt und doch seine eigene Handschrift
durchscheinen lässt. Die Synthies und Keyboards lassen auch eine Spur
von David Wright bzw. Code Indigo aufkommen. Da kommt absolutes
Gänsehautfeeling auf und wird bei mir in die Dauerrotation aufgenommen.

„Part Four“ bringt es dann auf knapp zehn Minuten Spielzeit. Jetzt hat
Frank einige asiatisch anmutende Klangfarben im Gepäck. Verschiedene
Klänge schichtet er in diese m Stück aufeinander und spendiert ihm
dann einen unwiderstehlichen Rhythmus, was den Track dann von seiner
asiatisch wirkenden Struktur befreit. Nach etwas mehr als zwei Minuten
kommt dann eine Melodielinie auf. Die Würze dieses Stückes sind aber
die unterschiedlichen und teils ungewöhnlichen Klangfarben. Dabei
lässt Frank es auch mal zischen oder zirpen, als wäre ein Alarm
ausgelöst worden. Die Harmonien sind aber unwiderstehlich. Die
Strukturen und Sounds verändern sich im weiteren Verlauf und somit
erhält Frank über die volle Länge den Spannungsbogen. Dieser Track
sollte unbedingt laut über Kopfhörer genossen werden um seine ganze
Strahlkraft zu ergründen.

Das Frank auch Sounds á la Schiller drauf hat, das beweist er dann im
8:21minütigen „Part Five“. Die Klangfarben scheinen direkt aus den
Instrumenten von Christopher von Deylen entliehen zu sein. Die
wunderbaren Harmonien werden zudem mit einem treibenden Rhythmus
untermauert, der sich nach wenigen Momenten in einen ta nzbaren Beat
wandelt. Frank hat hier aber keine reine Schiller-Kopie abgeliefert,
sondern den Stil um weitere, teils rockige Elemente (Rhythmus und
E-Gitarre) erweitert. Das ist grandios umgesetzt.

Eine romantische Ader weist dagegen das fünfminütige „Part Six“ auf,
bei dem weite Flächen auf eine wunderschöne E-Gitarrenmelodielinie
treffen. Die Gitarre liegt dabei in der Schnittmenge von David Gilmour
und Gary Moore. Hier zeigt sich, dass Frank ein hervorragender
Rockgitarrist ist, kein Wunder, ist er doch auch an den sechs Saiten
in der Rockband Imagine tätig.

Auf 6:37 Minuten Spielzeit bringt es dann „Part Seven“. Ein flotter
elektronischer Track, der durch seine Rhythmusmuster besticht. Das
klingt wie eine temporeiche Version der „Berliner Schule“ im Stile von
Klaus Schulze / Wahnfried. „Part Eight“ ist mit 3:46 Minuten Spielzeit
der kürzeste Track des Albums. Hier treffen elektronisch erzeugte
Flächen auf eine E-Gitarre im Stile von Nautilus & Co. Durch die Git
arrenklangfarben kommt wieder leicht asiatisches Flair auf.

Klänge die eine große unterirdische Höhle assoziieren, empfangen den
Hörer dann im 5:46minütigen „Part Nine“. Tolle Sounds wie von den
Ozric Tentacles kombiniert Frank dann mit pumpenden Synthrhythmen und
einer Pianolinie. Das ist rhythmisch und geht gut ins Ohr. Das fast
achtminütige „Part Ten“ beschließt dann „Lunaris“. Vor allem die im
zweiten Teil aufkommende Melodielinie und die herrlichen
Synthieharmonien sorgen wieder für Gänsehaut.

Frank Dorittke hat mit seinem zwölften F.D. Project-Album mal wieder
ein sehr melodisches und abwechslungsreiches Werk eingespielt.
Klanglich hervorragend produziert wandelt er ein weiteres Mal zwischen
den Welten der Elektronik und dem atmosphärischem Rock. Wie gewohnt
hält Frank auch auf seinem neuesten Putput den Qualitätsstandard auf
einem hohen Niveau.

Stephan Schelle, August 2020

Additions and changes from September 19 2020 till September 27 2020

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Parsick, Stephen - CAMBRIUM (cd) 56057
2009. ARP 2600 and VCS-3. This is another version than the Bochum concert.
$ 18.75 / UKP 13.25 / EURO 14.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=56057

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Parsick, Stephen - TRACES OF THE PAST REDUX (cd) 40281
2007. His excellent 1998 album as it was intended.
$ 18.75 / UKP 13.25 / EURO 14.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=40281

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Ramp - ASTRAL DISASTER (cd) 16076
2012. The album features music especially made for the Bochum concert
in 2012 If you like RMI, Redshift etc this is the one to get in that
style. Only 300 copies so be on time to get this!!.
$ 19.99 / UKP 13.99 / EURO 15.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=16076

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Ramp - CEASING TO EXIST (cd) 23704
2007. Ambient, based around touch guitar improvisations of Markus Reuter.
$ 14.99 / UKP 10.49 / EURO 11.99
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=23704

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Ramp - DEBRIS (cd) 41600
2009. Ambient soundscapes with industrial-minimal sounds.
$ 16.25 / UKP 11.49 / EURO 12.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=41600

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Ramp - LOOKING BACK IN ANGER (cd) 21684
2006. Unreleased music from the past decade.
$ 16.25 / UKP 11.49 / EURO 12.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=21684

*(back) in stock *
2018. If you like RMI, Redshift etc this is the one to get in that
style. Only 222 copies so be on time to get this!!.
$ 19.99 / UKP 13.99 / EURO 15.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=89978

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Ramp - RETURN (cd) 38621
2011. "return" is the eighth album by ['ramp], and as its title
suggests, it is return to where ['ramp] originated from in 1996 – and
even more so. it is the most "analogue" album since "nodular" and
"frozen radios".
$ 18.75 / UKP 13.25 / EURO 14.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=38621

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Tangerine Dream - SESSIONS VI (cd) 22079
2020. It features the live session with new Tangerine Dream Member
Paul Frick recorded at RBB Sendesaal Berlin in November 2018..
Release date: 7th Oct 2020
$ 16.25 / UKP 11.49 / EURO 12.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=22079

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