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Hello all.

TD have announced these 2 new releases.
Check our front page for further information.
Tangerine Dream - Booster V (2 cd)
Tangerine Dream - Machu Picchu (cd)
From there you can go to the information pages of the CDs.
Booster V has 5 unreleased new tracks!! looking forward to that.
Release date for both are set for March 20th.

It is in stock, the great release from their E-Live 2011 concert from LOOM.
you can check it out here http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=19883
It is not yet in Dreamscape Radio but be assured that we will play it
next week!!
The double CD is called Scored and I have already listen to it (a lot!!)
and it brought back the whole vibe of the day!!
People who have pre ordered it, it's already on it's way to you.

I also announced 2 new releases by Brendan Pollard last week.
Live in Concert 2006 Part 1 and 2.
We have the last copies here at Groove, and we then it is sold out!!
Brendan has limited it to 300 copies and we ordered the last copies
and we heard from Brendan that besides a few spare ones he might need himself
there are none left!! Information is on the following pages.

I have extended the special offer for all who order these releases.
So for all who order one the 3 releases may pick a free E-Day or E-Live CD.
Just click on one of the links here to check which ones you want.
And yes if you buy all 3 you can pick 3 freebies!!.

E-day 2009/2010 and 2011

E-Live '98/1999/2009/2010

If you have already ordered one just send me a mail which one you want.
And we will ship it with any next order.

I am also very proud to announce 3!! new Groove Releases.

Gert Emmens - "An Artist's Stroke"
Picture Palace music - "Indulge the Passion"
Nattefrost & Matzumi - "From distant times"
These will be releases end March/Early April!!

So Groove is alive and kicking!! Can't wait to present these great
albums to you!! During the week I will ad them to the catalog.
I am waiting for the covers!!

Groove also received the first copies of:
Ciani, Suzanne - LIXIVIATION
Keller & Schonwalder & Broekhuis - Red and the Mike Oldfield - Deluxe editions
of his early releases. They look and sound great.

Dreamscape Radio has music this week from the following artists:
El-ka, Peter Farn, Bill Vermette, Klangwelt, e.a.
e.a Dreamscape Radio show 178 is now on-line.

Thanks for your time!!
E-News is made by Ron Boots.
Thanks to all who contribute news.


- - - - NEW PRODUCTS - - - -
These products are NEW in our catalog.
Further in this newsletter are more details.

Tangerine Dream - Booster V (ltd. edition) (cd)
Tangerine Dream - Machu Picchu (ltd. edition) (cd)
Keller & Schonwalder & Broekhuis - Red (digipak) (cd)
LOOM is Johannes Schmoelling & Jerome Froese - Scored (2-cd)
Mythos - Quasar (cd)
Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells - Deluxe - 2 CD + DVD (3-cd)
Brendan Pollard - Brendan Pollard Live in Concert 2006 Part 1 (ltd.
edition) (cdr)
Brendan Pollard - Brendan Pollard Live in Concert 2006 Part 2 (ltd.
edition) (cdr)
Bernd Scholl - Dawn To Dusk (cd)
Steve Jolliffe - Alien (cdr)
Steve Jolliffe - Amuletum (cdr)
Steve Jolliffe - Art Of Minimalism (cdr)
Steve Jolliffe - Beyond The Dream (cdr)
Steve Jolliffe - Broken Wings (cdr)
Steve Jolliffe - Deep Down Far (cdr)
Steve Jolliffe - Doorways To The Soul (cdr)
Steve Jolliffe - Drakes Venture (cdr)
Steve Jolliffe - Escape (cdr)
Steve Jolliffe - Ethereal (cdr)
Steve Jolliffe - Hadron (cdr)
Steve Jolliffe - Heart And Soul (cdr)
Steve Jolliffe - Journeys Out Of The Body (cdr)
Steve Jolliffe - K 17 (cdr)
Steve Jolliffe - Minotaur (cdr)
Steve Jolliffe - Music For Film And TV (3-cdr)
Steve Jolliffe - New Age Emotions (cdr)
Steve Jolliffe - Omni (cdr)
Steve Jolliffe - Space (cdr)
Steve Jolliffe - Temmenu (cdr)
Steve Jolliffe - USA (cdr)
Steve Jolliffe - Vision Earth (cdr)
Steve Jolliffe - Zanzi (cdr)

- - - - - CONCERT INFORMATION - - - - -

MYTHOS im Planetarium Münster -
einziges MYTHOS Konzert in Nordrhein-Westfalen 2012!

Am Freitag, dem 4.Mai kommt der Multi-Instrumentalist
aus Berlin bereits zum zweiten Mal an diesen
phantastischen Auftrittsort.

Mit der spektakulären LASER-HARFE, Vocoder,
Elektronik-Flöte und -Dudelsack, sowie diversen,
zum Teil mobilen Synthesizern und Sequenzern.

Mit futuristischen, auf die Musik abgestimmten

Meet & Greet mit MYTHOS von 18:30Uhr bis 19Uhr;
Konzertbeginn 19:30Uhr für das ca. zweistündige

Karten zum Preis von 12,-Euro (vermindert 10,-Euro)
können bereits telefonisch direkt im Planetarium
vorbestellt werden: 0049 (0)251/5916076

GRATIS gibt's für jeden Besucher ein Vierfarb-Plakat

- - - - - CONCERT INFORMATION - - - - -

Satzvey Castle festival will take place on 24th March 2012
Dear friends of Berlin School of Electronic Music,
the annual Satzvey Castle festival will take place on 24th March 2012.

There will be performances by ebia, BatteryDead and Rainbow Serpent
with lightshow by Bas B. Broekhuis.
There will be stalls by CUE, Groove Unlimited, Manikin, Mellowjet,
Spheric Music and SynGate.
Please see www.syngate.net for further details; wish you will be there.

Sabine, Lothar and Kilian

- - - - - CONCERT INFORMATION - - - - -

E-DAY 2012 - 28TH!! of April.

STEVE DINSDALE (member of Radio Massacre International)

Advanced booking now open.
Tickets are 26 Euro pre-sale price
At the box office the price will be 34 Euro.
You can order tickets until 20th of April 2012,
Bank information :
Pre-sale tickets:
For Dutch.
113711557 tnv Goove Unlimited te Best

For Belgium.
Fortis Bank, België
Agentschap Hamont 41280.5
Accountnr.: 001-3797310-30
Ron Boots / Groove Unlimited, Best, NL

For German
Empfaenger: Groove Unlimited, Best, NL
Kontonr. des Empfaengers: 2803700012
Institut des Empfaengers: Raiffeisenbank Heinsberg
BLZ des Empfaengersinstituts: 37069412


The new jukebox contains 8 titles.
To listen: click on the JUKEBOX button on www.groove.nl

- - - b e s t s a l e s s i n c e p r e v i o u s e - n e w s - - -

1: LOOM is Johannes Schmoelling & Jerome Froese - Scored (2-cd)
2: Brendan Pollard - Brendan Pollard Live in Concert 2006 Part 1 (cdr)
3: Brendan Pollard - Brendan Pollard Live in Concert 2006 Part 2 (cdr)
4: Tangerine Dream - Machu Picchu (cd)
5: Tangerine Dream - Booster V (cd)
6: Keller & Schonwalder & Broekhuis - Red (cd)
7: Erik Wollo - Traces • Images of Light • Solstice (cd)
8: Bernd Kistenmacher - Antimatter (cd)
9: Pyramid Peak - 5vor12 (cd)
10: Keller & Schonwalder & Broekhuis - Hampshire Jam (cdr)

1: Ron Boots - Ante Oculos (cd)
2: Erik Wollo - Polar drones (cd)
3: Rene Splinter - Singularities (cd)
4: Harald Grosskopf - Yeti Society (cd)
5: Harald Grosskopf - Oceanheart (cd)
6: Michael Stearns - M'ocean (cd)
7: Michael Stearns - Sustaining cylinders (cd)
8: Steve Smith and the Tylas Cyndrome - Phoenix Arising (cd)
9: Ron Boots - La caída de hormigón (cd)
10: Gert Emmens - Metamorphosis (cd)

- - - - n e w a n d c h a n g e d e n t r i e s - - - -

Additions and changes from February 18 2012 till February 25 2012

*review added *
Between Interval - AUTUMN CONTINENT (cd) 17149
2006. Space ambient and electronic downtempo.
$ 16.99 / UKP 12.49 / EURO 13.99
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=17149

*review added *
Between Interval - EDGE OF A FAIRYTALE (cd) 89113
2009. Fascinating ambient journey with a highly cinematic impact.
$ 16.99 / UKP 12.49 / EURO 13.99
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=89113

*new in stock *
Ciani, Suzanne - LIXIVIATION (cd) 88435
1997. An intriguing and historically significant retrospective of
unreleased material from electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani,
Lixiviation a fascinating compilation from one of electronic musics
earliest innovators.
$ 19.75 / UKP 14.49 / EURO 16.40
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=88435

*new in stock *
Loom - SCORED (2-cd) 19883
2012. Recorded live in Eindhoven, NL 2011 during the E-live festival
Fantastic music!! Jerome Froese, Johannes Schmoelling, Robert Waters..
$ 27.49 / UKP 20.25 / EURO 22.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=19883

*track listing and cover added *
Mythos - QUASAR (cd) 76076
2012. Reissue of this great album from the 80's.
Release date: Feb 17 2012
$ 17.99 / UKP 13.25 / EURO 14.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=76076

*new in stock *
Oldfield, Mike - HERGEST RIDGE 2 CD + DVD (3-cd) 66016
$ 28.25 / UKP 20.75 / EURO 23.50
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=66016

*new in stock *
Oldfield, Mike - INCANTATIONS 2 CD + DVD (cd) 23778
$ 28.25 / UKP 20.75 / EURO 23.50
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=23778

*new in stock *
Oldfield, Mike - MUSIC OF THE SPHERES LTD 2 CD EDITION (2-cd) 47832
2008. LTD.DELUXE EDIT./CD+BONUS CD DIGI Mike Oldfiels return in the
limelight. A great new album.
$ 25.25 / UKP 18.49 / EURO 20.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=47832

*new in stock *
Oldfield, Mike - OMMADAWN 2 CD + DVD (3-cd) 66070
$ 28.25 / UKP 20.75 / EURO 23.50
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=66070

*new in stock *
Oldfield, Mike - TUBULAR BELLS - DELUXE - 2 CD + DVD (3-cd) 51740
$ 28.25 / UKP 20.75 / EURO 23.50
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=51740

*review added *
Padilla, Craig, Zero Ohms & Murphy, Skip - BEYOND THE PORTAL (cd) 61865
2009. Excellent fusion of New Age heart with Electronic Spacemusic
$ 16.99 / UKP 12.49 / EURO 13.99
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=61865

*track listing and cover added *
Pollard, Brendan - BRENDAN POLLARD LIVE IN CONCERT 2006 PART 1 (cdr) 38375
2012. live recordings of my concert at "E-Live" on October 14th 2006
at the TU Limited Edition CDR's in the usual PVC sleeve..
Limited edition of 100.
$ 18.75 / UKP 13.75 / EURO 15.50
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=38375

*track listing and cover added *
Pollard, Brendan - BRENDAN POLLARD LIVE IN CONCERT 2006 PART 2 (cdr) 14848
2012. live recordings of my concert at "E-Live" on October 14th 2006
at the TU Limited Edition CDR's in the usual PVC sleeve. includes one
is a lost piece from just before "Flux Echoes".
Limited edition of 100.
$ 18.75 / UKP 13.75 / EURO 15.50
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=14848

*new in stock *
Qluster - ANTWORTEN (cd) 20470
$ 20.25 / UKP 14.99 / EURO 16.80
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=20470

*new in stock *
Qluster - RUFEN (cd) 69847
2011. QLUSTER - Kluster – Cluster – and now Qluster – an extraordinary
shedding of skin of one of the most important German electronic groups..
$ 20.25 / UKP 14.99 / EURO 16.80
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=69847

*review added *
Seren Ffordd + Oophoi - MARTIAN CHRONICLES (cd) 57832
2011. The Martian Chronicles, inspired by Ray Bradbury's story
collection sounds very much like the soundtrack to a mysterious and
strange SF film A beautiful mixture of electronic instruments, field
recording and drums..
$ 14.49 / UKP 10.75 / EURO 11.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=57832

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Tangerine Dream - BOOSTER V (cd) 70570
2012. Part five of the Booster series with 5 NEW UNRELEASED TRACKS!!.
Limited edition.
Release date: 20 March 2012
$ 24.25 / UKP 17.75 / EURO 20
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=70570

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Tangerine Dream - MACHU PICCHU (cd) 61662
2012. A new limited Cupdisc edition..
Limited edition.
Release date: 20 March 2012
$ 15.25 / UKP 11.25 / EURO 12.50
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=61662

*review added *
Terra Ambient - WANDERLUST (cd) 19360
2009. Epic, sweeping and luscious.
$ 16.99 / UKP 12.49 / EURO 13.99
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=19360

*review added *
Wollo, Erik - SILENT CURRENTS (2-cd) 10012
2011. Ambient, rhythmic and melodic.
$ 22.75 / UKP 16.75 / EURO 18.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=10012

- - - - - - - - - - r e v i e w s - - - - - - - - - -

Padilla, Craig, Zero Ohms & Murphy, Skip - Beyond the portal (61865)
Wow, with having this line-up in action you have to be prepared for
grandiose intergalactic voyage, just like indicated by its title and
cover picture (design by Jeff Kowal/Terra Ambient). And the opening
"Perpective Of Disappearance" (first part of subtitle "Realm Of The
Spirit") only proves these words as it immediately transports each
listener into colossal cosmic spheres with its peacefully floating
washes, few dramatic outbursts and generated choirs color the
composition here and there, but the overall feel is of very smooth
ethereal and romantic nature. The title composition of the first
subtitle, "Realm Of The Spirit", returns to primordial grounds with
Zero Ohms/Richard Roberts' suggestive flute work, stunningly melting
the modern and the ancient, really gorgeous soundscaping at its most
serene level!!! "Oceans Of The Heavens", the sole part of the second
subtitle "Akasha", shifts the mood towards the celestial sound
painting with ci rcling and slowly evolving texture, getting at times
more massive and dramatic and showcasing beautiful interplay of
monumental skyscapes and moments of silence enriched at the very end
by choir-like sounds. Absolutely breathtaking composition and truly
imaginative and fascinating deep space journeying!!! "One Moment
Beyond", the entry part of the last "Beyond The Portal" subtitle,
drifts in much quieter and static celestial manner with naturally and
warmly floating sound waves, nicely colored in its second part with
Zero Ohms' flute magic. Strongly evocative piece of music!!! It freely
crosses into "Active Side Of Infinity" that soon transports the
listener into more breathing and ever-changing territory with strong
cinematic, almost orchestral-like feel, what a gracious beauty!!! The
closing title composition "Beyond The Portal" is more energizing with
mid-paced structure, and even if more earthy sounding, it provides
highlighting finale for this impressive and crafted deep space exploration!!!

"Beyond The Portal" is outstanding in every aspect, filled with
emotional depth and elegant sound sculpting, a really graceful and
sophisticated work by three respected fellow travelers!!!

2011. Richard Gürtler / Bratislava, Slovakia

- - - - - - - - - - r e v i e w s - - - - - - - - - -

Between Interval - Autumn continent (17149)
Yes, young Swedish composer, Stefan Strand, is back in my review
section with his 3rd full length album. Even if released back in the
summer of 2006 on Spotted Peccary, I think it would be a pity not to
feature it on these pages. Between Interval really deserves it with
each album and "Autumn Continent" is no exception. Stefan recorded
this album under his previous surname, Jönsson, but no matter if
Jönsson or Strand, the result is always absolutely sensational!!!

Top-notch opener "Autumn Continent 1" explores truly ethereal
graciousness of autumn nature capturing the most unique and beautiful
sceneries with fabulous colors, an ambient serenity at its best!!!
"Submerged", as indicated by its title, is deeply subterranean journey
with attractively fitting fragile, but cavernous sounds of bells and
gongs with otherworldly spiced atmozones, another big one! "Hidden
Wastelands" are painted with deeper drones, slowly climbing into more
massive and dramatic peaks, this is serious foggy soundscaping for all
connoisseurs of deep ambience!!! Semi-pulsing patterns enrich
daylighting "The Tides Of Time", but slowed-down "Expanding Area"
returns quickly into vast territories of Scandinavian landscapes with
spiraling and colossal drifts. "Passageway" keeps on the droning
route, but is colored by distant rumblings and deep resonations in the
first half, while later crystalline clicks emerge to enlight this
abyssal ambience. "Early Life Remainings" unveils into lighter mood
with heartbeating high-tech grooves, the most rhythmed piece on this
trip even if later slipping into drifting and evoking passage again.
Monstrous and dramatic drones with hissy effects on "This Dominion"
create deeply absorbing and spectacular sonic experience, but the next
composition, "Atrium", gets even deeper with cascading heavy weight
rumbling drones. Slightly lighter, but culminating and cinematic
celestials of "Autumn Continent 2" graciously close this truly
enterprising and stunning autumn voyage offering breathtaking sonic
vistas of scenic Northern territories.

"Autumn Continent" is another highly distinctive and sophisticated
performance by this huge Swedish talent, a true masterwork!!!

2011. Richard Gürtler / Bratislava, Slovakia

- - - - - - - - - - r e v i e w s - - - - - - - - - -

Terra Ambient – Wanderlust (19360)
Jeff Kowal aka Terra Ambient has released his 3rd album (2nd on
Lotuspike) just before the summer of 2009, so quite a long time passed
since 2004 when his previous applauded "The Gate" album was released.
The album opens very quietly with "Myth", but this piece grows slowly
into more dramatic and grandiose parts featuring harsh guitars. Quite
a radical change when comparing to more peaceful soundscaping of "The
Gate". But don't be scared, this fresh blend of deep atmospherics,
tribal beats and expressive guitars is another step in Jeff's highly
crafted and refined sound sculpting. His tribal ambience finely
infused with right amount of roughness sounds absolutely exciting, a
truly extraordinary listening experience from the very beginning of
"Wanderlust"!!! "Mudfoot" is another standout piece carefully melting
electronics with wide range of acoustics, highly turbulent
composition, again enriched by treated guitars. What a beauty!
Mysteriousl y deep atmospherics on "Visionquest" later transform into
percussion-driven texture with crispy pulsing electronics, a really
ear-catching cut! Organics open title track "Wanderlust", but soon
this composition moves into absolutely exciting level where deeper
washes and gentle tribal beats are spiced by expressive flutes,
didgeridoos, bells and strange otherwordly sounds. Man, this must be
one of the most sophisticated and distinct tracks Jeff ever made and
also one of my personal faves in the genre!!! "Mammoth" attracts with
its more minimal structure with slowly developing and more active rich
desert ambience. Deeper drones on "Epilogue" are nicely colored with
storm sounds and highly evocative flute work, primordial ambience at
its best!!! Album closer, "The Ghost In Me", is another highly
nature-influenced track, this time attractively colored with delicate
piano tunes, but also by additional guitar ambience magics of Jeff
Pearce. A track with truly tranquilizing effect!

What to write at the end? "Wanderlust", with outstanding sound
quality, is not only the most colorful work of Terra Ambient, but also
the most refined and polished one showing skilled artistry of this
Lotuspike co-owner. Great job, Jeff!!! You can be sure that
"Wanderlust" takes me each time on my own journey.

2011. Richard Gürtler / Bratislava, Slovakia


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