Hello All

E-Day 2019 - APRIL 6th Oirschot the Enck

YES with Thorsten Quaeschning & Ulrich Schnauss.

We foud a way to get Ulrich Schnauss on time in the Enck in Oirschot
SO!! For the first time on the main stage together with their music are!!
Thorsten Quaeschning and Ulrich Schnauss .

Only 7 days left to get your tickets for the pre-sales!!
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Dont wait anymore and come join the other 200 visitors!!
It is going to be Epic!!

Thorsten's Facebook post reads!

Madams, Sirs,
Thursday, again
some news

next Saturday
6th April 2019
Theater De Enck
Oirschot /near Eindhoven
The Netherlands
(other Acts Wolfram Spyra, Stephen Whitlan, Rhea)

circa 21.00h / 9.00pm (tbc)
"Quaeschning & Friends" is now "Quaeschning & Schnauss", again

we will play some music from our album "Synthwaves"

maybe also some "CARGO",
See you in The Netherlands!

yours, Thorsten


E-Day 2019!

For all visitors we have a special Free CD with music from the brilliant Belgium
Electronic music group "NothingButNoise ", 9.99 en Daniel.B.Prothese.
The title of this great  cd is "Under Construction 1".
10 Great track of EM for many it will be the first contact of these names.
Dirk Bergen one of the guys from NothingButNoise is their on E-Day with a stand.
"NothingButNoise" is one of the most innovative EM based bands from Belgium.
And this is the time to explore them!!

Something special this year a co-op from great EM musicians todate!
"Quaeschning & Schnauss"

“DER Spyra featuring Roksana”  - His brilliant release Dunst still resonates through the EM Scene.
Now he is the headliner of the Afternoon!!

Stephan Whitlan - one of the most musical and virtuous musicians we have
in our music scene!! A great performer and artist!

RHEA Fantastic Space music from Belgium!

The act for the upperroom will be Volker Rapp.
Planned are the following perfromances:
1) Petersburg - Views of a city
2) Video-Revue Demo Art aka Volker Rapp from 1992 until today - a reunion with
u.a. Ron Boots, Volker Zimmer (Marla Glen), Jürgen Bruhn (Vulture Dive) ....
3) Valletta - Views of an island

Another reason to join us in the Enck!!

Ticket sales for E-Live 2018.
I hope that those who are certain they are coming will order their tickets soon!
30 Euro
39 Euro

We think again a great line up with fantastic artists that will take us to
musical highs.!! Don't miss it!!

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During E-Live we always have a lot of CDs that come in the so called 6 for 5 boxes.
This means that a lot of CDs are only 10 Euro .
BUT if you buy 5 of these you can also add one free of charge.
That is now also on offer for all you E-News costumers!
With this it also works for all Groove Titles From GR-001 to GR-199.
So that is a BIG pile of cds to choose from!!

Thanks for your time!
Ron Boots

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Pollard, Daniel, Booth - IX (digipak) (cd)
Pollard, Daniel, Booth - Volume One (digipak) (cd)
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