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Hi All

Yes it's warm here in the Netherlands :-) Great Summer!!
It is also warm at the Ticket sales for E-Live 2017.
We have 65 Tickets left!! 5 Months for the concert date!!
And many who always come to these festivals have not yet
ordered their tickets. don't wait to long, gone is really gone!

Here a great look into the David Wright / Code Indigo / Carys set.
Code Indigo is delighted to be playing its European Farewell Concert
in Holland at E-Live 2017. 21 years after the acclaimed and best
selling album ‘For Whom The Bell' entered the EM consciousness, David
Wright and Robert Rox reunite and are joined by guitarist Andy Lobban
(Derby Cathedral Concert, Chill, Timecode, In Concert) and vocalist
Carys (Take the Money & Run) to perform new music and classic tracks
from the bands repertoire. The band was founded in 1994 by David
Wright and Robert Fox. It has undergone many changes over the years
and had a different line up on every release, with only David Wright
involved in them all. Code indigo has always been one of those hard to
categorise electronic avant-garde bands whose music and concept albums
cross genres and has wide appeal. The music is original, with thematic
compositions, an imaginative combination of synths, guitar, samples,
rhythms and vocals textures plus a good helping of experimental,
ambient and down tempo chill-out influences. The music compares to
that of a ‘Blade Runner’ style soundtrack with pink Floyd and Art of
Noise influences.

More info in the Concert section.
Ticket information is on http://www.e-live.nl/
But we have also created a ticket ordering through the download site.

For those who are interested in my own musical background there are
2 nice interviews by Stars End host and great musician Chuck van Zyl.

This on is on Ghost of a Mist.

And this one!!
Spacemusic impresario Ron Boots made his state-side concert debut in
Philadelphia at The Gatherings Concert Series on 18 March 2017,
followed by a late-night radio concert for STAR'S END. In this
interview excerpt, Ron comments on the affirming experiences he had
while making his music for the innovative music community.

Hope you enjoy it!! And thanks Chuck!!


And the brand new Jeffrey Koepper - MantraSequent is on its way.
Creating the music of tomorrow with the analog technology of yesterday.

Poly-rhythmic sequential melodies of warm, emotional electronics
propel MantraSequent, an album created on vintage synthesizers and
sequencers. Koepper’s reputation as a skilled composer in the Berlin
school shines on his 10th release influenced by early EM artists
Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze and Steve Roach.

Both dynamic and atmospheric, this sequencer-driven spacemusic brings
classic circuits to life via intense interlocking rhythms, thick
drones, evolving pulsing meditations, deep textures and lush
soundworlds. Carrying the listener through the wires and switchboards
of Koepper’s sonic vision, he creates an organic, flowing
interconnectivity between these nine electronic mantras.

Koepper muses, “I have loved these instruments since I bought my first
analog synth, a Crumar Spirit, in the 80’s. This discovery changed my
life and allowed me to see the power and beauty of classic technology.
The sound, the look and interface was what really drew me to explore
with these instruments. Synths of that era have a purity and power in
tone that can’t be matched by modern software instruments. The
knob-covered tactile interface allows me to intuitively sculpt new
sounds and interact directly with the internal components. I can
always produce new and amazing textures each time I switch them on,
and when composing music with multiple synths and sequencers, the
atmospheres they create ebb, flow and melt together like an aural
alchemy creating a new pallet of tone colors and moods.” Steve Roach
coordinated this release with Projekt Records and added spacial
enhancements and sonic detailing to the final presentation.

 “Somewhere between the academics of Minimalism and the expansiveness
of Spacemusic… Koepper and his cult of sonics venture into the
challenging realm of technology and creative impulse – in a questing,
ever-roving engagement with Electronic Music.”
    – Chuck van Zyl / STAR’S END
MantraSequent keeps analog music alive in the 21st century.

And also on their way are the New Steve roach, Forrest Fang,
Lorenzo Montana and Erik Wollo!

Thanks for your time

These products are NEW in our catalog.
Further in this newsletter are more details.

Forrest Fang - Following the ether sun (digipak) (cd)
Jeffrey Koepper - MantraSequent (digipak) (cd)
Lorenzo Montana - Phase IX (digipak) (cd)
Erik Wollo - Different Spaces (digipak) (2-cd)

========= R E V I E W S =========
81427 David Wright & Carys - Prophecy

Muffled sonic waves put our senses in appetite. Without knowing really
if we float between the drifts of the cosmos or the depths of the
oceans, the tranquility of "Watching for Nephele" shines with azure
lines which are illuminated by sibylline harmonies and by panting
breaths from a flute of which the origin remains to determine. With
felted knockings and even more accentuated misty mood, the abstruse
ambiences of "Watching for Nephele" slide towards "Serinus Rising" and
its songs of sirens as well as its chirpings of a kind of aquatic
animal always to identify which enchant our ears always in appetite.
David Wright is unarguably one of the most beautiful composers of
contemporary EM. A little snubbed by the hard-liners who worship only
the Berlin School style, or the heavy English e-rock, this brilliant
English musician signs and persists with an EM always very
sophisticated and his English style which flirts profoundly with the
New Age. T he result turns into some very musical albums where his
melodious perfumes surf with the vestiges of his magnificent Walking
with Ghosts released in 2002 and of which we still look forward to its
re-issue. In fact, this David Wright's key album knew always how to
illuminate the harmonious ambiences of his up-coming albums and
“Prophecy” is not different except that it’s the album which gets the
most closer to it. Composed with the collaboration of the English
singer Carys, “Prophecy” is a wonderful journey towards this unknown
meeting point where the oceans pour towards the cosmos. An intense
album and, in my humble opinion, David Wright's most beautiful album
since 2002. And, considering the quality of his albums since then, it
means that it’s an album without flaws where the balance between the
moments of ambiences and the big explosive electronic rock of the
English style is completely exceptional.
Each title, like most of David Wright's albums by the way, is solidly
imbricat ed one to another, giving a superb musical story which is
just impossible to interrupt. "Night Tide" gets loose from the morphic
chants of "Serinus Rising" with a delicate movement of sequences which
winds up the unknown of its continual comings and goings. The
uncountable vocal breezes of Carys are like some kind of anesthetizing
perfumes and float behind this hypnotic movement which reveals a
splendid approach of a violin for which we have never expected to
tears up the moods. Idyllic, this orchestral harmony transports us
until the heavy and threatening "Diving Skywards" among whom the
effects of staccato of the violin and the atmospheres energised by a
storm to come exercise a rise of adrenalin. And it takes off! It
explodes with the astonishing saga of Ocean to Stars. "Ocean to Stars,
Pt. I" starts things up with a heavy rhythm which unifies techno and
the England School. We tap of both feet and we roll of the neck on
this very inviting rhythm where David Wright forges some ve r y
harmonious synth layers which he harmonizes with synth solos as much
catchy. And as usual, the founder of the AD Music label has this gift
to throw into his structures strands of melodies which will remain
anchored in our ears a very long time after the first listening. And
that’s the case with the one which unifies the 2 first parts of Ocean
to Stars. And if you don’t whistle on this melody that David Wright
transforms at the whim of his synth, I don’t know what to say! Ocean
to Stars pours on its 3rd part with a rhythmic always so lively and
where the voice of Carys and the synth violin effects sing this melody
eater of eardrums in a delicious soundscape of the East. These 22
minutes of “Prophecy” are going to haunt you my friends, and this for
a long time. "Absolute Zero" calms things down a little bit with a
delicate lunar lullaby which flows towards the morphic atmospheres of
"Whales Weep Not" with the voice of Carys which dominates the very
melancholic harmonies of the viol i n in an environment of
tranquillity where we find there a little Mind Over Matter's perfumes
from Music for Paradise. And if we believed to have reached the
nirvana with the trilogy of Ocean to Stars, "Cosmic Dancer" redefines
these parameters with a rhythm as lively which swirls with a seraphic
slowness in a superb duel between solos and orchestrations of a synth
in mode Walking with Ghosts. Impossible here to not draw this parallel
because the harmonious approach of "Cosmic Dancer" seems to be weaved
in the cave of this epic title of David Wright's catalog. "Quarter to
Yesterday" is another delicate lunar cradle song which knots the
orchestrations and the murmurs of Carys around a spiral harped by a
delicate keyboard. A very beautiful synth solo leads us to "Song of
Orcinius" where the celestial voice of Carys takes also the shape of
those aerial torsade up until the very lively rhythm of "Beyond the
Veil". What else to add? David Wright puts everything on it here with
his morphi c techno filled of those charms and those harmonies which
eat our eardrums. The play of the percussions is as well rich as solid
and the synth, always very just, throws harmonies under forms of solo
besides weaving orchestrations which fill the airs while the voice of
Carys adds even more to a charm as medieval as contemporary. And as
all good things must come to an end, "Where the Whales Still Sing"
ends “Prophecy” with a very intense and orchestral approach which
reminds to us how the music of Vangelis has influenced David Wright's visions.
“Prophecy” is an intense work! From the first second to the last one,
David Wright captivates us and enjoys firing us the hairs of the
backspine and the sighs of beatitude with an album rich in lively
rhythms and in melodies eaters of ears. While adding an element of
charm, the voice of Carys doesn't hinder at no moment David Wright's
highly melodious signature which is more intense than ever here with
rich orchestrations, solos which nail u s to our earphones and sound
effects which ally the oceans to the cosmos. In brief an album without
smudges that I have savoured my ears full to the top and where I was
telling myself how beautiful music is. How EM can be wonderful! And if
Walking with Ghosts was the reference album when we spoke about David
Wright, this “Prophecy” follows it from now on for years to come.
Sylvain Lupari (February 3rd, 2017)

========= R E V I E W S =========
36598 SEQUENTIA LEGENDA - Extended

Sequentia Legenda is a pseudonym of Berlin School connoisseur Laurent
Schieber, who resides near Mulhouse, France. I already have been
reviewing his debut, self-released CDr album "Blue Dream" from the end
of 2014. In the meantime, about one year later, during November 2015,
Sequentia Legenda's second official album "Amira" came out. In
September 2016 the third album "Extended" was released by the artist
himself, who is joined on this double set by a German drummer Tommy
Betzler, whose name I have noticed for the first time on SynGate's
release "Two", as a companion of Michael Brückner, but this
experienced drummer is known also as a founding member of German
Krautrock band P'Cock as well as for his guest performance on Klaus
Schulze's bonus DVD from 2005 (part of the reissue of "Dig It" album
on Revisited Records) on a track entitled "Linzer Stahlsinfonie",
recorded during Ars Electronica 1980 in Linz, Austria. As indicated by
its title, "E x tended" double album reveals reshaped versions of some
pieces from "Blue Dream" and "Amira" with Tommy Betzler's vital drum
contributions on two tracks. The release comes in a catchy 6-panel
glossy digipak featuring additional 8-page booklet with extensive
liner notes to each composition. The design of this booklet is superb,
it precisely displays invigoratingly transporting aural odyssey.
Mastering credits goes to Chris Dion from Quantum Music.

The first disc unfolds with soothingly emerging, 28 and a half minutes
long "The Approach", announced by a distant wind and seashore
harmonies, which soon metamorphose into panoptic washes, celestially
expansive, with clandestinely permeating sequences. "The Approach", in
its slightly shorter version, can be heard on "Blue Dream", but this
time Tommy Betzler's diverse drum parts add a quite piquant fragrances
to the overall mood of this strongly captivating piece, delightfully
guarded by choir-driven cushions. The next piece, 20-min ute "Into The
Sequence" is, I believe, a brand new composition, which exhibits
Laurent Schieber's virtuosity in spaciously immense soundsculpting,
masterfully merging colossally monochromatic drifts with gossamery
mesmerizing glimmers and continually ascending melodic laid-back
vignettes. And serenely progressing through brisker elevations,
luminously charged and enchantingly enveloping. Another very strong
track! "Somewhere", clocking over 23-minute mark, is an extended
version of the closing composition on "Amira" album. The base is quite
similar to previous pieces, when more flatlined ethereal blankets are
persistently counterpointed by elusively helixing and outbursting
high-tech traceries, this time reinforced by intangibly arising drum
subtleties by Tommy Betzler. Then again shifting through more animated
passages and then subsequently dissolving through closing tranquil terrains.

The second part consists of 3 tracks as well, all hanging between 22
and 25 minutes. "Vi brations" fires up the spectacle with its extended
version. As far I remember, shorter edition of this composition was my
fave piece on "Blue Dream" album. Persistently shimmering ear-tickling
sequences exquisitely commingle with sublimely sweeping horizons and
remotely percolating and oscillating cybernetic glimpses. Although
without any significant modifications when comparing to the original
version, it's still a truly triumphant piece paying monumental tribute
to Berlin School legends. Bravo, Laurent!!! "Solitudes Lunaires"
merges gracefully panoramic and introspectively nuanced choir-like
drones with diaphanously pulsing and hypnotically synthetic
tapestries, perpetually galloping, while gently swirling titillating
chinks hanging in the distance emerge here and there. Gliding
occasionally through ephemerally crescendoing cinematic vistas and
transiently accelerating transitions. The final track "Au Revoir" was
originally released at the end of June, 2015 in shorter version, al t
hough it glanced briefly already on "Blue Dream" album, now it's
resurrected and stretched to 22 minutes. Drifting heavenly choirs
constantly juxtapose with insistent sequencer arrangements, some
remain subtle, while others quietly sneak and steal the center stage
with its stirringly unwrapped mid-paced intensity. "Au Revoir" is
Sequentia Legenda's aural rendezvous with all those deeply missed. A
very strong conclusion indeed!!!

"Extended" double album, covering over 143 minutes, is another
enormously strong sonic installment by Sequentia Legenda, who
constantly focuses his artistic creativity and passion on the Berlin
School movement. Hats off to Laurent Schieber and also to Tommy
Betzler for his guest performance!!! Sure, as already mentioned in my
previous review of "Blue Dream", I will always crave for more drifting
poignancy or for rather shorter, more diverse sequencer- and
emotion-propelled endeavors, but that's just a question of my taste.
Otherwise, Sequentia Legen da really excels in this particular style
of radiantly immersing space electronica. And keep in mind, a new
album "Ethereal" as well as few collaborative projects are in the works.

Richard Gürtler (May 21, 2017, Bratislava, Slovakia)

=========CONCERTS ==========

E-LIVE 2017 - 21 October 2017 in De Enck Oirschot.
only 65 tickets left !!

(Full evening Program) !!

Main act in the afternoon is :
David Wright and Carys with Code Indigo
(Code Indigo Farewell Concert)

And opener for the day:
Beyond Berlin
The collaboration of two great EM musicians from the Netherlands,
Rene de Bakker and Martin Peters. Berlin School at its finest!!

Upperroom concerts :
SONICrider is a producer/musician/artist & performer from the South of The Netherlands.
Working entirely with Modular analog Gear!!

Ticket information is on http://www.e-live.nl/
But we have also created a ticket ordering through the download site.

====== Dreamscape Radio =======
Dreamscape Radio show 407 is now online!!
With music from Kistenmacher, Loreau, Kerr, R.S.Thompson e.a.
You can find Dreamscape here. http://www.dreamscaperadio.nl

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 2: Tangerine Dream - Dream sequence (2-cd)                         
 3: Tangerine Dream - Live in America 1992 (2-dvd)                  
 4: Tangerine Dream - Independent years (232621) (cd)               
 5: Keller & Schonwalder & Broekhuis - Red Live @ USA (2-cd)        
 6: Tangerine Dream - Tangines scales (232627) (cd)                 
 7: Remy - Art of imagination (cd)                                  
 8: Free System Projekt - Five Suns (2-cd)                          
 9: Tangerine Dream - Dante song collection (cd)                    
10: Andy Pickford & Paul Nagle - Ramayana (cd)                      
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 7: Ron Boots & John Kerr - Juxtaposition The Oirschot Concert (dvd)
 8: Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij - Urban Decay (cd)                      
 9: Gert Emmens - Last Alien (cd)                                   
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Arc - ARCTURUS (cd) 33886
2005. Hampshire Jam III concert.
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Boddy, Ian - AS ABOVE SO BELOW (cd) 76821
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Fang, Forrest - FOLLOWING THE ETHER SUN (cd) 70854
2017. Limited to 300 copies.
$ 21.25 / UKP 14.99 / EURO 16.90
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Free System Projekt - MOYLAND (cd) 48316
2005. Style: 70's Tangerine Dream.
Out of print (rare).
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Koepper, Jeffrey - MANTRASEQUENT (cd) 76628
2017. New Jeffrey Koepper.
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Montana, Lorenzo - PHASE IX (cd) 37064
$ 19.99 / UKP 13.99 / EURO 15.90
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*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Wollo, Erik - DIFFERENT SPACES (2-cd) 17471
2017. Ambient, rhythmic and melodic.
$ 23.75 / UKP 16.75 / EURO 18.90
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