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Hi All

2 Great new releases announced for E-Day 2018.
The Brand new
Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij - Galaxis, a 3 CDset
that celebrates their 15 Year fo making music.
As this is a limited Edition after the 300 copies it is gone!!

And the first Free System Projekt & Terje Winther cooperation.
Pure Berlin School from the masters of the Nethrlands and Terje Winther!
Spoon Forest is the titel.!!

Just as a reminder all the you can now pre-order for 10% when you come
and pick them up at E-Day but also until the end of the month we have this
10% discount for everybody!! So on all orders 10% discount!

ONLY 3 weeks to go to E-Day 2018!!
E-Day 2018
March 31st The Enck!
All info is on the pages!!

12:00 - Bar area open
13:00 - Box office open (Day opens)
13:30 - First Concert upper room

21:15 - 22:30 - Zanov, french synth pioneer pur sang!!
19:30 - 20:45 - Ulrich Schnauss (Solo) In October as part of Tangerine Dream
and now as solo artist with his great energetic music!!
Afternoon shows:
16.00 -17:15 - Chuck van Zyl - Berlin School musician from the first hours in the USA.
14:30 -15:30 - Skoulaman - Dutch Hans van Kroonenburg's alter ego!!
And in the upperroom - Peter Challoner with great ambient music.
5 musicians from 5 different countries and none have ever
stood on the Enck main stage solo before!

Ticket sales for E-DAY 2018.
Good sales the first weeks but we could still love to see many more to come!!

And you can also order again through the Groove Download shop!!

32 Euro
39 Euro

We think again a great line up with fantastic artists that will take us to
musical highs.!! Don't miss it!!

Thanks for your time
Ron Boots

These products are NEW in our catalog.
Further in this newsletter are more details.

Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij - Galaxis (3-cd)
Free System Projekt & others - Spoon Forest (cd)
Lensflare - La Valle dell Inferno (cdr)
Ken Martin - Dark Sides Vol. 2 (cdr)
Ken Martin - Far Side of the Sun (cdr)
Moonbooter vs. BatteryDead - Live Muenster 2017 (cdr)
Harald Nies - Axial (cdr)
Projekt Gamma - Die Vier Elemente des Lebens (cdr)
Projekt Gamma - Mystik (cdr)
Robert Rich - Biode (cd)
SpiralDreams - Miracles (cdr)
SpiralDreams - Unpublished Songs 5 (cdr)
Synopsis - Tales from the Holodeck (cdr)
Tyndall - Sonnenlicht (lp)
Tyndall - Sonnenlicht (digipak) (cd)
Tyndall - Traumland (digipak) (cd)
Tyndall - Traumland (lp)

====== Dreamscape Radio =======
Dreamscape Radio show 441 is online.
With music from Alpha Lyra, Carel, The Blue Team e.a.
You can find Dreamscape here. http://www.dreamscaperadio.nl

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     NON-GROOVE UNLIMITED LABEL                           
 1: Stefan Erbe - Genesys (cd)                            
 2: Age - Entropie (cd)                                   
 3: Tangerine Dream - Sessions 2 (2-cd)                   
 4: Robert Rich - Biode (cd)                              
 5: Kees Aerts - If one door closes (cd)                  
 6: John Dyson - Evolution (cd)                           
 7: Kees Aerts - Slices of time (cd)                      
 8: Ken Martin - Far Side of the Sun (cdr)                
 9: Brainwork - Colours of the Soul (cd)                  
10: Johannes Schmoelling - A thousand times Part 2 (cd)   
     GROOVE UNLIMITED LABEL                               
 1: Zanov - Moebius (cd)                                  
 2: Picture Palace music - Indulge the Passion (cd)       
 3: Kees Aerts - If one door closes (bonus) (mp3 download)
 4: Stephan Whitlan - Second Site (cd)                    
 5: Ron Boots & others - An evening with friends (cd)     
 6: Gert Emmens - Stories from Floating Worlds (cd)       
 7: Rudy Adrian - Sequencer Rarities (cd)                 
 8: Gert Emmens - Memories (cd)                           
 9: Gert Emmens & Cadenced Haven - Mystic Dawn (cd)       
10: Gert Emmens - An Artist's Stroke (cd)                 
All new Groove Releases from the last year and this year are now also
on the Download site. https://shop.groove.nl/
Use the coupon code "NEW "and the 10 % will be deducted.
This code works for all downloads!!
Here are the new entries:

GR-231 - Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij - Urban Decay
GR-232 - Betzler & Brueckner - Triplet
GR-233 - Seven Days - Stephan Whitlan & Ron Boots
GR-234 - Moebius  - Zanov
GR-235 - Stealing time - Robin Banks & Steve Smith
GR-236 - Moon - Arcane
GR-237 - Sequencer Rarities - Rudy Adrian
GR-238 - Fine Tunes - Beyond Berlin
GR-239 - Alice - Walter Christian Rothe
GR-240 - E-Day 2017 - Arcane
GR-241 - Stories from Floating Worlds - Gert Emmens   
GR-242 - Always hold the Light - Ambient Joy     
GR-243 - An evening with friends - Ron Boots & others  
GR-244 - Stephan Whitlan - Second Side  

You can find them as MP3 and FLAC releases.
Easy to order and download!!

======= Reviews ======
gr-238 Beyond Berlin - Fine Tunes

We lost Beyond Berlin on the EM map since that the album Music for
Cosmic Nights appeared shyly under the radars in 2013. Nevertheless,
this album was warmly applauded by the critics as being an excellent
surprise. More than 3 years later, and some 3 solo albums farther from
Rene de Bakker and 1 from Martin Peters, the Dutch duet comes to visit
us again shyly, this time on the Groove label, dazzling again our ears
with a very good ode to Berlin School. “Fine Tunes” is a pretty solid
album. A big album of EM as several of you love. There is rhythm. As
big than intense. There are ambiences. Ambiences which search for the
cracks on the ground from where leak out these chthonian choirs or
these luciferian effects while the melodies tinkle in a surprising
fragility for an album so heavy. Sat on 3 titles with very distinct
dimensions, “Fine Tunes” is this kind of thing of which the only flaw
is about time. There is too much on one title and not en o ugh on the
2 other ones...
A plethora of electronic noises, some even disturbing ones, make the
line in order to be identified. They form the introduction in two
times of "Primum". Because if the noises abound and are strong, the
synth layers with Floyd mists and others sibylline, like the purest
essences of the Berlin School, are chasing these noisy effects by
spreading wide bands of silky caresses. Momentums of synth waves are
rushing, adding an esoteric depth to these first moments of "Primum"
which always stays possessed by this noisy and luxuriant tonal fauna.
The synth layers pile up by playing with their tones, I hear owls to
hoot and even flutes which are not there, creating a dense sound magma
too heavy to get purify in so little time. There are more than 9
minutes to the meter, and always no rhythm which livens up the
instincts of "Primum". It's 30 seconds after this mark that the first
pulsations are beating through. Behind petite whistles of flutes, a
swarm of static sequences intensely sparkles while 2 bass hesitating
pulsations, followed by a set of 3 more fluids' ones, structure the
minimalist ambient rhythm of "Primum". Layers and lines of synth pile
up in this maze of sequences, which sound very Franke at times,
leading the moods to reach summits of intensity. Then a delicious line
of melody forged on sequences skipping in cascade gives the shivers to
the soul around the fifteen minutes. At this point, a kind of sound
anarchy creates an ambient intensity where the whole thing gets to
perfection in this great electronic adventure of “Fine Tunes” which
will take a new sonic face with "Andra".
Here the rhythm is more fluid and the vibes are more Mephistophelian.
The sequences skip in the way with a soberer movement, whereas is
whistling a rush of electronic winds coming from the hells. The
Tangerine Dream fragrance is still present at the level of sequences,
while the melodies which are butt-welded with parts more or less
connectable soun d as of Mergener-Weisser, without the cosmic vision.
The acrobatic choreography of the crystal clear serpentines of
sequences is a little marvel for ears. At this level, the transparent
sounds of the sequences equal those of a hammer hitting on a big
xylophone of unbreakable crystal. Almost more a symphony for sequencer
than a ballet for sequences, "Andra" evolves with its various lines of
rhythms which criss-cross, intertwine and pill-up into a fascinating
rhythmic mosaic which denies at no moment its ambient tones with banks
of mist, layers of voices, breezes of synth and effects which place
now and forever the portal of both EM universes. A little bit too long
but still very good! Layers of voices, THX effects and curtains of
lights and tones, "Tercera" jumps into our ears with a hopping and
lively rhythm. A meshing of sequences lines and electronic percussions
feeds a good structure of electronic rock with some delicious
percussive effects, my guilty pleasure. Synth layers spre a d out
floating oases whereas lines of synth throw melodies which glitter
like tonal reflections. Harmonies suggest an approach in the shape of
solos while these sequenced melodies always tinkle in the background.
If the rhythmic fauna is rich, the one which manages the ambiences and
the melodies overflow of sounds and colors with multiple lines and
effects of synth which melt in a big e-rock became heavier. The rushes
of percussions and sequences come by package of twelve, the synth
solos get out of their hiding place and the arrangements weave
dramatic and intense momentums in a structure which worn out its 20
minutes to put fire in our feet and to boil our energy in one of the
wildest and most furious titles that I heard in the domain. A slap my
friends! In fact, everything of “Fine Tunes” from Beyond Berlin is a bomb.
Sylvain Lupari (March 9th, 2018) ****¾*

======= Reviews ======
62106 Bertrand Loreau + Frederic Gerchambeau - Vimanafesto

Hum … When we say that there are parts of EM of the French School
style which are downright more experimental than somewhere else on the
planet, this 1st collaboration between Bertrand Loreau and Frédéric
Gerchambeau confirms all of this quote! And nevertheless, it's
absolutely necessary to tame “Vimanafesto”. Because behind its forms
of distortions, its multicolored deformations of sound effects, its
dissonant magnetic chants and its wandering layers are in hiding some
very nice moments of textural EM. Above all, it's important to
consider the union Loreau/Gerchambeau as being very eclectic. If the
visions of the latter suited rather well to those of MoonSatellite,
his duel with the melodious standards of our friend Bertrand gives
some epic sound fights, I think of the superb "Night Run", which will
fire the passions of the fans of an EM drawn from the complexities of
modular Moog.
It's with airs of Jazz that begins the sound incursion o f
“Vimanafesto”. Notes of a sort of a double bass handled by an octopus
leave some juicy traces in our ears from the opening of "Dual Crystal
Waltz". We have to tame this bass because it's all over this album.
Little by little, these improbable notes switch clearly into a more
electronic tone while a line of sequence skips in the back of the
decor. The fusion of both electronic particles is changing into a
fascinating intersidereal ballet with a pace which jumps in a nest of
jingles. Right above, there are two opposite waves. If one is waltzing
of its bright tint, the other one glides like a sneaky shadow to
unpack a wide grouchy layer of which the effects of reverberations
adjust the tone of the percussive effects of the jingles. They skip
and ooze as if they were prisoner of an immense watchmaker's shop
which is hidden in a grotto. This wandering movement of "Dual Crystal
Waltz" spreads with an apathetic slowness. And it's after having
crossed a layer of shower that the percussiv e effects skip with more
velocity. Without building inevitably a road of lively rhythm, they
give some tonus to a strange title which is a difficult introduction
for the greenhorns who try to be interested in EM. And it's not with
"Inner Path" that love at first sight is going to happen! Still here,
the sequences, these elements of rhythm, sparkle as in "Dual Crystal
Waltz" while the synth blows harmonies like a Jazzman lies down his
nostalgia on an evening of spleen. Just wait some more minutes and you
will discover that the synths are completely sublime in “Vimanafesto”.
One of them lays a hoarse and very austere procession on "Paradigm",
there where a kind of Berliner processional rhythm leads quietly the
ideas and the contrasting visions of the duo Loreau/Gerchambeau
towards the more accessible core of this album.
And it goes by "Suns Above a Cloud". But before, we have to cross a
storm of sonic radio-activities before hearing the first airs of a
more accessible synth which coos like an electronic nightingale facing
a bed of sizzling and white noises. Very musical, and especially very
nostalgic, Bertrand Loreau's imprint fights fiercely against the more
experimental approach and visions of Frédéric Gerchambeau. "Night Run"
is the pinnacle of this album. The duel between the chants, the solos
of synths is majestic. If one coos, the other one throws its grave and
apocalyptic airs which rage in splendid electronic effects. These
paradoxical songs of the synths group together behind an immense
curtain of voices while the very Berliner movement of the sequencer,
the influences of Schulze are omnipresent here, alternate the
oscillating and the juicy dance of its keys before showing a swiftness
which fits the enchantress finale where a synth will never have been
so beautiful and dominant in this album. "Visions from a Future Past"
makes re-appear the very melancholic and romantic approach of Bertrand
Loreau on a groaning synth. A swarm of sonic balls extrica t es itself
from a cocoon disemboweled by a troop of brightly colored tones,
structuring a static and chaotic rhythm which is of use as rocky bed
to the slow groan of a heavy but penetrating line of bass. The anarchy
of the tones is deliciously tamable here, contrary to the intestine
quarrel of sequences on the battlefields in "Dual Crystal Waltz" and
in "Inner Path". A title as "All the way to Berlin" quite means. But
is it really for Berlin? The bed of noisy sequences which skip and
pulse in all directions is starved for a more lively structure. Except
that these swarming sequences remain submitted to an approach rather
of France style with splendid solos of which the cosmic visions sniff
a bit at the glorious past of Jean-Michel Jarre. A very good title
which concludes a fascinating album, and in the end attractive, which
shows that the French School reinvents itself with its approaches
always very audacious. I’ll talk to you soon about Nomad Hands, but in
the meanwhile we can get “Vimanafesto” by visiting Patch Work Music
Web site. This album is for those pure and hard lovers of an EM which
refuses all kind of submission in its evolution.
Sylvain Lupari (January 19th, 2018)
 ======= NEW and CHANGED ======
*new in stock *
Bertrand Loreau + Frederic Gerchambeau - VIMANAFESTO (cd) 62106
2017. 2 giants of the France EM scene with some great sequencing!.
$ 19.49 / UKP 13.75 / EURO 15.50
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=62106

*(back) in stock *
Dinsdale, Steve - LIGHT + DARK (cd) 17454
2018. Steve Dinsdale from RMI here with some lighter music..
$ 19.99 / UKP 13.99 / EURO 15.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=17454

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Emmens, Gert & Heij, Ruud - GALAXIS (3-cd) 42045
2018. Epic 3 CD release by Ditcu guys Emmens and Heij!!.
$ 36.25 / UKP 25.49 / EURO 29
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=42045

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Free System Projekt & others - SPOON FOREST (cd) 26697
$ 19.99 / UKP 13.99 / EURO 15.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=26697

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Lensflare - LA VALLE DELL INFERNO (cdr) 47454
2018. 80's Schulze style.
$ 17.25 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.75
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=47454

*(back) in stock *
Marselje, Robert - BLUE TEAM (cd) gr1119
1996. Rhythmic, melodic. With JP van Engelen.
$ 12.49 / UKP 8.75 / EURO 9.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=gr1119

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Martin, Ken - DARK SIDES VOL. 2 (cdr) 32106
2018. Retro Berlin School in Schulze style.
$ 17.25 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.75
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=32106

*new entry *
Martin, Ken - FAR SIDE OF THE SUN (cdr) 84046
2017. Retro Berlin School in Schulze style.
$ 17.25 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.75
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=84046

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Moonbooter vs. BatteryDead - LIVE MUENSTER 2017 (cdr) 30037
2018. Live set from their concert in Munster..
$ 18.25 / UKP 12.75 / EURO 14.50
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=30037

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Nies, Harald - AXIAL (cdr) 31140
2018. Catchy synthesizer-melodies gently accompanied by electric guitar solos.
$ 18.75 / UKP 13.25 / EURO 14.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=31140

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Projekt Gamma - DIE VIER ELEMENTE DES LEBENS (cdr) 60142
2018. Relaxing EM music with influences of Bernd Kistenmacheer and Nik Tyndal.
$ 17.49 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=60142

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Projekt Gamma - MYSTIK (cdr) 10016
2018. Mystic slower Berlin School.
$ 18.25 / UKP 12.75 / EURO 14.49
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=10016

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Rich, Robert - BIODE (cd) 39887
2018. Cosmic Ambient flowwing music, at times very deep moving..
$ 19.25 / UKP 13.49 / EURO 15.40
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=39887

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
SpiralDreams - MIRACLES (cdr) 58061
2018. Berlin School from the 90's with melodies In the vein of Schulze of that era.
$ 17.25 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.75
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=58061

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
SpiralDreams - UNPUBLISHED SONGS 5 (cdr) 47650
2018. 80's Schulze style.
$ 17.25 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.75
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=47650

*(back) in stock *
Stearns, Michael - PLANETARY UNFOLDING (cd) 20648
1980. Performed on the Serge Synth.
$ 22.49 / UKP 15.75 / EURO 17.99
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=20648

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Synopsis - TALES FROM THE HOLODECK (cdr) 29519
2018. Analog sequencing + soloing.
$ 17.25 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.75
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=29519

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Tyndall - SONNENLICHT (lp) 34893
2018. First released in 1980 this was the fisrt release by Tyndall. Light cosmic
EM I love this release! Jürgen Krehan and Rudolf Langer are Tyndall!!.
$ 24.99 / UKP 17.49 / EURO 19.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=34893

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Tyndall - SONNENLICHT (cd) 65054
2018. First released in 1980 this was the fisrt release by Tyndall.
Light cosmic EM I love this release! Jürgen Krehan and Rudolf Langer are Tyndall!!.
$ 22.49 / UKP 15.75 / EURO 17.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=65054

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Tyndall - TRAUMLAND (cd) 12045
2018. First released in 1981 this was the second release by Tyndall.
Reminds me of Gandalf of that era, very spacy EM!!.
$ 22.49 / UKP 15.75 / EURO 17.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=12045

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Tyndall - TRAUMLAND (lp) 65912
2018. First released in 1981 this was the second release by
Tyndall. Reminds me of Gandalf of that era, very spacy EM!!.
$ 24.99 / UKP 17.49 / EURO 19.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=65912

=========CONCERTS ==========
And here a very special event!!
Cosmic Nights 2018!
Galactic Underground/RHEA and Ron Boots live @ Brussels Planetarium.
Saturday 19-5-2018 !!
Free entrance and a free CD for every visitor!
The CD will contain unique tracks from the performing acts of the evening.
So.... don't miss this galactic journey through time and space !
for more info mail or visit This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / http://rheabvba.be

+++ E-DAY 2018 INFO DUTCH TXT +++
E-Day 2018 Festival 31-3-2018
E-Day 2018
31 maart The Enck!

En we hebben nu het volledige programma voor E-Day 2018 !!
Op de website veel informatie over de optredende artiestendie op 31
maart zullen spelen !!

Avond Programm
ZANOV - Franse Synthesist met zijn eerste opteden in Nederland.

Ulrich Schnauss - Vorig jaar met Tangerine Dream dit jaar solo op het podium!!

Middag Programma
Chuck van Zyl  -  Uit de VS synth Wizard Chuck van Zyl.

Skoulaman  -  De artiesten naam van Hans van Kroonenburg!

Upperroom concerts : Peter Challoner
5 muzikanten uit 5 verschillende landen en geen enkele ooit
stond solo solo op het hoofdpodium van Enck!

Voor meer informatie ga naar
en voor kaart info
En u kunt ook opnieuw bestellen via de Groove Download-winkel !!

12-05-2018 An Evening with John and Ron
Tejaterke in Best

John has made a nice webpage for this event.

We hope to see you there!!
you can  order again through the Groove Download shop!!
(it says newyears party but it is for John & Ron.)
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