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Now Available as download and CD ( www.groove.nl) :
Groove Unlimited just released Rainforest And Pavement by Paul Ellis


Paul Ellis about this album

For me this album explores both my life in an urban setting, the
bustling city and the time I spend hiking in the forests.
Here in the Pacific Northwest there are a lot of rain forests so I go
hiking for balance... to breathe in the fresh air and get away from
the neurosis of the city.
At the same time I have to admit that I love aspects of living in the
city... The energy and the progress, the ideas and resources....I seem
to need both, so the album is sort of an exploration between this
strange dichotomy.
Also noticing as I emerge from the forests where the pavement begins...


Now Available as download and CD ( www.groove.nl) :

Next Step is an album inspired by the idea of colonizing planets and
moons in the Solar System. The dream of taking a next step into the
unknown, experiencing a new frontier land. Actually, this adventure
has already begun with the exciting step taken by space travel in the
60s. The big steps are still to come, with our children of today and
future generations. There are two future details that feel as if they
will be ground breaking. One being stationed on the moon, the other
our first trip to Mars. Thereafter, a great adventure continues and
will grow as long as we strive forward.

As an album, Next Step is part of my earlier space-influenced albums.
The previous album Cosmic Drama is the closest, but this passion for
the universe was already started with the album Far Away (2012).

Next step was created in studio TeamQuasar on Åland. Some of the
tracks are a bit older and others were created in the fall / winter
2019. The material for the album was originally 135 minutes of music
which eventually became 8 selected tracks with almost 80 minutes of
music. I hope this album provides a musically positive experience and
that my interpretation of a continuing human quest for space shines through.

Johan Tronestam

An album that brings nature inside of music. A breat Berlin School album.

Groove Unlimited just released The uncertain path by Rene de Bakker member of Beyond Berlin.

After the successful Beyond Berlin album “totem” and Rene de Bakker
his 6th solo album “Our Gift” (his 1st Groove album) Rene ended up in
a new solo project. New equipment arrived in the studio and new
inspiration drove him to new music. You will recognize his
predilection for the early KS and TD era, but new synthesizers have
bridged the gap to a full-fledged 2020 sound. It became mainly
sequencer based music with smooth melody lines and daring sounds and
effects. Most tracks are based on the Berlin School style, but with a
very personal twist. It has become a product where only hardware
synths were used, such as analog synths and modular systems, but also
digital equipment. a must for those who want to dream away with a long
floating track, and want to be on the edge of their seat with some
rougher tracks.

Greetings Rene de Bakker


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Daniel & Booth - Inverse (cd)
Brendan Pollard - Diffuser The Rehearsal (digipak) (cd)
Brendan Pollard - Live and More (digipak) (cd)
Brendan Pollard - Prologue (digipak) (cd)
Skoulaman - Deepminds
Spyra - Liese - Vikaluk - InSpyration II (cd)
The Amnis Initiative - Ejection -  (cd)
Daniel B - Ambeint 2020

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New additions in the Catalog.
The new CD/Book releases in the catalog are the following!

Rene de Bakker - Uncertain path (cd)
Daniel B - Ambient 2020 (digipak) (cd)
Daniel & Booth - Inverse (cd)
Paul Ellis - Rainforest And Pavement (cd)
Brendan Pollard - Diffuser The Rehearsal (cd)
Brendan Pollard - Live and More (digipak) (cd)
Brendan Pollard - Prologue (digipak) (cd)
Tangerine Dream - 50 Years (book)
Tangerine Dream - CONCERT MEMORABILIA 1970-2014 (book)
The Amnis Initiative - Ejection (digipak) (cd)
Tronestam, Johan - Next Step (cd)

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======= Reviews ======
70185 SEQUENTIA LEGENDA - Ethereal

French composer Laurent Schieber, who is recording under the moniker
of Sequentia Legenda, has always been a truly devoted aficionado of
stirringly powered Berlin-School movement. Even if his latest sonic
installment is entitled "Ethereal", Laurent Schieber painstakingly
follows most of the traces taken on his previous, creatively
invigorating gems such as "Blue Dream" (December 2014), "Amira"
(November 2015) and "Extended", a project featuring a guest German
drummer Tommy Betzler (September 2016). "Ethereal" album was
self-released as a 4-panel digipak at July 21st, 2017, and its
immersing cover image, created by the artist himself, immediately
prepares each listener for deeply transporting odyssey. And just the
same as on "Extended", kindred soul Tommy Betzler joins Laurent
Schieber with his artistry utilizing drums, cymbals and gongs, while
the main protagonist fires up an array of keyboards and modulars, both
real and virtual.

It 's quite obvious for Sequentia Legenda that each album is comprised
of rather lengthier compositions clocking around 20 or more minutes.
"Ethereal" is no exception to this formula and it unfolds with 26 and
a half minutes long "Stratums Of Seraphic Voices". Euphoniously
celestial solitudes, inconspicuously permeated by angelic choir
vistas, serenely drift into magnificently infinite and gracefully
engrossing realms. No need to add the aural and visual part is
precisely coupled with the track title. Galloping sequencer and
drum/cymbal signatures slowly join this enveloping scenario and
masterfully amalgamate with free-gliding harmonies. Sequences, drums
and cymbals are gossamery ear-tickling and mesmerizingly glimmering. I
could imagine this track slightly shorter as it gets a bit repetitive
on the longer run despite of its clandestinely subtle nuances,
however, a top-notch astral journey fully blossoms here. The next
piece "Around The Second Moon", hitting nearly 23-minute mark, ti g
htly keeps on the orbit, where tranquil panoptic meridians are slowly
invaded by emerging synthetic pulses. The cadence progresses into
enchantingly animated sequencer hypnotics, although safely guarded by
warmly cinematic retrospections and percolated by sharper, yet
intangibly translucent percussive traceries. "Elevation", at 20:34 the
third and closing opus, invites the listener into unmapped domains,
where Sequentia Legenda with nebulously barren drone hums unlocks the
gates to the void. Amalgamating a display of thrillingly oracular hues
with lighter, artificially spellbinding pulsations and calmly
ascending, but persistently magnified sequencer and drum sparkles.
Ominous depths, never before reached by Sequentia Legenda are
meticulously illuminated by perpetually shimmering and predictably
sustained insignias. Wow, this final track was certainly beyond the
ordinary Berlin-School endeavor!!!

70 minutes long "Ethereal" is another highly accomplished album by
Sequentia L egenda and especially its third chapter showcases the more
distinguishing approach in carving profoundly enigmatic, yet
insistently sequencer-driven vintage-futuristic electronica. A very
good move indeed and if I could give a little advice to Laurent
Schieber, most likely I wouldn't be afraid of shortening the tracks in
the future. I think this and also adding even more piquancy, no matter
if melodious or ambiguous, would bring extra space for subsequent
multifariousness in Sequentia Legenda's sonic palette. It could be an
icing on the cake as the mastery and potential were already abundantly
exhibited on each release, so why not to go even further and reaching
the iconic position of nowadays milestones in sequencer-based
resurgences such as "Skeleton Keys", "Prayer To The Energy" or
"Synthwaves". Laurent, keep on excelling!!! And by the way, the next
album "Renaissance" is scheduled for May 17th, 2018, so definitely
stay connected!!!

Richard Gürtler (Dec 29, 2017, Bratisl ava, Slovakia)

======= Reviews ======
28693 Nik Owen Jones - I/O

Cinematographic opening followed by a female voice reciting a text by
Carl Sagan. Pale Blue Dot crumbles its long-narrated introduction over
a 4-minute journey before the tonal colors of Nik Owen-Jones light up
our ears. Behind this voice, we heard the fat and juicy sequences born
between the gliding of mist's banks torpedo our ears with a static
flow of the rhythm lines which extend their wide sequenced loops in a
futuristic vision. It's the percussions which establish a very
rock-electronic approach, while the multicolours sequences thread a
finely stroboscopic link. The rhythm thus opposes a fluid vision to
another more jerky one up until a short phase of cosmic atmospheres
hits the pace, before getting back with strength beneath a sky barded
of lively striations and sound graffiti worthy of intergalactic war
video games. Bits of very Jean-Michel Jarre harmony, in a pattern
reminiscent of Night in Shanghai, as well as jets of solos lie on the
last quarter of Pale Blue Dot which puts our ears in appetite. Guest
artist at the E-Scape 2019, Nik Owen-Jones is an English musician who
had been dreaming to be a modern-day rockers for over 30 years. He
touched to everything and played all styles. It was the French
musician's Oxygene album that would spark his passion for EM. He
invests time and money in his new passion until he finishes I/O which
is one of the great surprises in 2019.
We have something for all styles and tastes in this album. Our ears
will embrace big heavy rock, like ballads with a New Age zest. Despair
(An Ending) and its nostalgic piano is a nice ballad of the style that
David Wright would certainly have liked to design. Beautiful, tender
and poignant! Summer Daze is a good cosmic funk a la Robert Schroeder,
while the very energetic Theory breaks loose the rhythm in a spasmodic
techno which reminds me of the big rave parties of the 80's. Both for
sound and vision! Small known text of the bible's Genes is, and
Mission flies away in a light rock with harmonies woven on twisted
effects and orchestrations in a context of pity for a one-way trip to
oblivion. Pandora means what it means! Either be a static rhythm box
which opens with a swarm of nervous percussive elements and swarming
in all directions. This nest of percussions and sequences is teeming
with a hyperactive life which counterbalances a rather sober musical
decor, and which visits several eras. I would say that we are in the
hollow of I/O which is coming back to life, both in terms of energy
and creativity, with Marrakesh. Its first 2 minutes are atmospheric
and set the table for a fabulous train which rolls with a very good
vision at the level of percussions and harmonies with a melody which
does in the very Tangerine Dream from the Logos years. Very, very
good! The final brings us to the thundering dragging chords of Luxflux
which casts a veil of intensity to an introduction where flutter in
the background some feverish arpeggios all frail. The percussions
realign the rhythm towards a heavy and lively rock with a melodious
portion which is just as much. Very good heavy, heavy and heavy
electronic rock with a short atmospheric phase, which lasts less than
it took to write it, before the hard and heavy sequences assemble a
beat sunk in concrete where the synth doesn't only whistle melodies.
The very melodious Visions doesn't play shy after these two big
behemoths. Not as heavy, nor as lively, but as much good with its
electronic beat which softens in the caresses of violin. The stream of
undulating sequences clings to orchestrations in staccato mode and
deviates towards a genre of New Age, especially because of the melody
on piano, in an envelope of electronic soft-rock. The guitar adds more
rock to a track worthy of the Code Indigo repertoire. We stay a bit in
the niche of the 90's with the rather Leftfield opening of the
title-track. A synth disguised as a Mexican trumpet player adds melody
to thi s structure which bubbles from the inside. A structure that
breathes a bit of Mark Shreeve and a lot of David Wright with a
violence repressed by the sequencer and assumed by sober percussions.
In the end, it's a static electronic rock in a very cinematic envelope.
The 90's influences fill our ears with this debut album by Nik
Owen-Jones. I/O is a nice surprise that should appeal to EM fans of
the Tangerine Dream's Jive years, like the England School genre from
AD Music. The very detailed vision in terms of the arrangements and
harmonies from its author gives it a New Age appearance which flirts
very well with the different structures of an EM which draws its
essence from the big names of contemporary EM, from Robert Schroeder
to Mark Shreeve, without forgetting the Techno visions of Jean-Michel Jarre.

Sylvain Lupari (February 29th, 2020)

======= Reviews ======
78429 Wollo, Erik - Infinite Moments

Euphoniously soaring layers weightlessly ride atop, masterfully
reinforced my distantly piquant glimpses, while forefront narrative
reflections soulfully interact with contemplatively immersing
meridians. Warmly sonorous movements persistently commingle with
serenely arising lachrymose vistas. Immensely monochromatic horizons
are luminously counterpointed by lithely traversing introspective
vertexes. Stunningly evocative solitary sceneries exquisitely
juxtapose with delightfully meandering and poignantly vibrating
shimmers. Perpetually gliding, stalwartly harmonizing and languidly
nuancing, yet intensely glistening, intriguingly flickering and
eternally enveloping.

Acquiring this beauty shortly after the first personal meeting with
Erik prior to his performance at B-Wave Festival 2018 in Belgian
Heusden-Zolder, this always will be a very special one. The 4-panel
digipak, featuring cover images by SimpleOunce, Aleksei Burakov and
Vall ejojophoto, and designed by Michael Rodriguez Pletz and Sam
Rosenthal, is out since December 27th, 2018 on Projekt. Divided into 6
parts, nearly 59-minute "Infinite Moments" album is a pure aural
monument by this iconic Norwegian ambient guitar virtuoso, this time
deeply focusing on thrillingly expansive, gracefully weeping and
emotively intimate sonic insignias. The gates to an inner sanctum are

Richard Gürtler (May 24, 2020, Bratislava, Slovakia)

Additions and changes from June 1 2020 till June 21 2020

*(back) in stock *
Adrian, Rudy - ATMOSPHERES (cd) 86285
2014. Ambient electronic composer and recording artist Rudy Adrian is
no strangerto vast landscapes. this new offering from Rudy Adrian
dwells in the landscape of expansiveness inspired space music..
$ 22.49 / UKP 15.75 / EURO 17.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=86285

*new entry / new in stock *
Bakker, Rene de - UNCERTAIN PATH (cd) gr-292
$ 17.25 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.75
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=gr-292

*review added *
Boddy, Ian - UNCERTAINTY PRINCIPLE 2020 (cd) gr-288
1993. Original music with a great live track from Klemdag 1993.
$ 17.25 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.75
Details/soundclip/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=gr-288

*new in stock *
Brainwork - STOLLWERK 96 (cdr) 88546
2020. Brainwork + Strange Inside - Stollwerk 96 a live recording of
this performance..
$ 18.75 / UKP 13.25 / EURO 14.90
Details/soundclip/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=88546

*(back) in stock *
$ 14.99 / UKP 10.49 / EURO 11.90
Details/soundclip/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=67349

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Daniel B - AMBIENT 2020 (cd) 56894
2020. Perfect mix of modern ambient and Berlin School. Daniel B is
part of the famous Front 242 group.
$ 14.99 / UKP 10.49 / EURO 11.90
Details/soundclip/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=56894

*new entry / review added *
Daniel & Booth - INVERSE (cd) 80326
$ 18.75 / UKP 13.25 / EURO 14.90
Details/soundclip/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=80326

*(back) in stock *
Darshan Ambient - RE:KARMA (cd) 39843
2005. Retrospective of new and old work.
$ 17.49 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=39843

*new entry / new in stock *
Ellis, Paul - RAINFOREST AND PAVEMENT (cd) gr-290
$ 17.25 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.75
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=gr-290

*review added *
Fang, Forrest - FOLLOWING THE ETHER SUN (cd) 70854
2017. Limited to 300 copies.
$ 19.49 / UKP 13.75 / EURO 15.49
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=70854

*new in stock *
Gandalf - SECRET SARAI (cd) 39073
2020. Dreamy melodies, ethereal environments.
$ 22.49 / UKP 15.75 / EURO 17.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=39073

*(back) in stock *
Gerrard, Lisa - WHALERIDER (cd) 53489
2003. An experience of profound power and spiritual enlightenment.
Extra cardboard sleeve
$ 16.25 / UKP 11.49 / EURO 12.99
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=53489

*(back) in stock *
Peru - BEST OF PERU 1979-1999 (cd) 17772
1979/1999. Incl. 3 new tracks.
$ 18.75 / UKP 13.25 / EURO 14.99
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=17772

*review added *
Peru - RETURN (cd) 35906
2018. The brand new PERU!!.
$ 18.75 / UKP 13.25 / EURO 14.95
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=35906

*new entry / new in stock *
Pollard, Brendan - DIFFUSER THE REHEARSAL (cd) 21547
$ 17.49 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=21547

*new entry / new in stock *
Pollard, Brendan - LIVE AND MORE (cd) 88286
$ 18.75 / UKP 13.25 / EURO 14.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=88286

*new entry / new in stock *
Pollard, Brendan - PROLOGUE (cd) 60575
$ 18.75 / UKP 13.25 / EURO 14.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=60575

*review added *
Skoulaman - DEEPMINDS (cdr) 46628
2020. An album with a few older pieces but still fantastic music.
These are limited to a 100 copies and gone is gone..
$ 17.25 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.75
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=46628

*review added *
Space Megalithe - ABSTRACT DIMENSIONS (cd) 21709
$ 17.49 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=21709

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Tangerine Dream - 50 YEARS (book) 30326
Mark Jenkins look on 50 Years of TD..
$ 48.75 / UKP 34.25 / EURO 39
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=30326

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Tangerine Dream - CONCERT MEMORABILIA 1970-2014 (book) 20575
American author BRAD DUKE.
Release date: 2020
$ 81.25 / UKP 56.99 / EURO 65
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=20575

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
The Amnis Initiative - EJECTION (cd) 46465
2020. Inspired by: Asura, Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Carbon Based Lifeforms.
$ 16.25 / UKP 11.49 / EURO 12.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=46465

*new entry / new in stock *
Tronestam, Johan - NEXT STEP (cd) gr-291
2020. A vision of Planetary exploration in Sounds and Music!.
$ 17.25 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.75
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=gr-291

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