[Groove] E-News 1230 - 7th March 2021
Hello all 

Sorry for not having an E-News last week, to much is going on in our lives and I could not find the energy to make a new E-News last sunday. Hopefully things will settle down in the near future and we will move into normal times and feelings.

On the birghter note the coop with Gert emmens is really fun. We have aid down 5 tracks for starters and 2 have been "GR approved" GR standing for Gert and Ron :-) . It is so much fun to make music with this guy! 

And we have added a lot of new releases from 2020/2021 by Rene vd Wouden. He has been very prolific in the last year due to covid. All are produced as CDr but in a really professional way! I will play many new titles in the coming Dreamscape Radio.

And Groove has 4!! new releases coming in this Wednesday, the 10th of March.
First a very special new Spyra release. Hospital, And the Tangenized concert of Skoulaman at Byss!!
And a great new release by AGE - HYPNAGOGIE and a fun release by Modularwhite - LEMONDREAM.

Also a lot of cool new releases among them by Can Atilla (mix of EM and filmic music), Marakas and Robert Reed (in 3 versions!!). So lets start!
GR-305 - Der Spyra - Hospital

This is the very first real live installation perfomrance by Wolfram Spyra. 

The Treysa hospital dates back to 1364 when it functioned as an alms house, giving shelter to the destitute. Over time it transformed into a medical hospital as we know them today.

The installation seeks to express this historic transformation.  This is a room-filling, site specific sound installation with a compositional structure and external design which work together to suggest the original historical function of the building. The music is divided into three thematic sections, which refer to the borderline psychological experiences associated with the chapel’s past.

The music was played from a pre-recorded CD and is heard through loudspeakers placed in the corners of the room. The presence of several hospital beds underlines the compositional aspiration of the piece. Their apparently superficial symbolism is conscious and is substantially deepened by the musical experience. It is the intention of the artist that the visual elements of the installation combine with the acoustic accompaniment to lead the visitor to new forms of perception and the redefinition of the merely superficially known environment. The visitor thus has the chance to consciously become one with the historical implications of the space.

Music wise it is a haunting at times emotional rollercoaster that fits these times. Not Berlin School in its essence but I recon this work as pure Spyra (Ron). 
The release is with a nice 8 page booklet that tells the story of this unique musical project!
GR-306 - Skoulaman - BYSSED

If there is one Dutch spacemusic musician then it is Hans Kroonenberg who under the name of Skoulaman makes Berlin Space music that is among the very best in the scene. Hans produces his music without computer and playes all tracks live and this is what happend during his live performance at the BYSS studio from Bas Broekhuis at Westerwolde, 12-12-2020. Hans has the unique ability to mesmerise his audience with stunning souknd scapes and floating sequences! A really lovely new release!
GR-10004 - Age - HYPNAGOGIE (cdr)

The hypnagogic state is a particular state of consciousness, the one that appears when we pass from the awakening to the sleep.
' Hypnagogie ' evocates this state by avoiding any overly objective structure in order to allow a drift where thoughts arise despite us, unconstructed and different at each listening. This explains the lack of rhythms, constructed instrumentation or melodic phrases.
Between awakening and sleeping

When the reason ceases to norm the thoughts
When the senses fall asleep,
A free perception awakens
And in the confusion of noises and images
A new state of consciousness
Traces the path of freedom
Who finally imprisons the reason.

Meeting oneself is like becoming richer by discovering the unrevealed that lies in us.
“We must forget everything we know
To know everything we have forgotten”

GR-10005 - ModularWhite - LEMONDREAM (cdr)
Lemondream is electronic instrumental lounge chillout (Schulze Style) and cinematic Berlin School Music.
A warm summer album with delicious music, with some jungle deepness and mystics.

The marvelous illustration professional artwork is made by Marc van Olden.
For his portfolio see www.vanoldenillustraties.com/portfolio
Sleeve finalizing by Michel bekkering
Track 2 and 6 Mixed and Mastered by Marc van Olden
All other tracks Mixed and Mastered by Romerium.

Modularwhite is an collaboration of four electronic musicians.
Michel Bekkering with long berliner schule tracks, influenced by Klaus Schulze.
Norman van Krimpen, alias MANORLOGIC, with obscure industrial and synthpop art of music.
Marc van Olden, with rythmic jazzy, funk and techno tracks.
René Montfoort, alias ROMERIUM, with (dark) ambient drone and symphonic pop.
Quality melodic debut album from a new rising star on the UK Electronic Music scene with eight well composed, tightly constructed and nicely produced instrumentals!

MARAKAS is UK musician Mark Brougham and when I first heard his ‘Magnetic Island’ music I was transported back to the early 90’s when I first encountered the raw talent that was then a young Andy Pickford with his new and refreshingly exciting melodic synthesizer music!

Yes, if you are one for a good tune in your EM, this brand new name on the block is a good one to go for, with 8 original compositions filled with melody, atmosphere and fire, with a closing track that’s a gorgeous slice of emotion fuelled symphonic grandeur!

The disc is a Factory Produced High Quality CD-R with Full-Colour On-Body CD Label Print and it is packaged in a 4-Panel Digi-Pak.

Well, I think there’s a new raw talent at work here. This guy’s music is extremely melodic, strong and emotionally stirring at times, but it never gets boring at any point as he is constantly evolving, developing and building on every tune he tackles. This is not the music of an extrovert, it is well composed, tightly structured and nicely produced, and based on what we are hearing hear on this exciting debut, I look forward to what will surely come in the future, because ‘Magnetic Island’ is a very good starting point!
Robert Reed - Cursus 123 430 - + Bonus CD and Book (2CD/DVD)
Rob Reed releases, ‘Cursus 123 430’ (3 versions) is an overall quality product, with the – at times - powerful music coming very much from the melodic Electronic Music sounds of the late 70’s, and it’s all about simple themes embellished to the hilt with brilliant layering and analogue production techniques. This is a Prog keyboards player’s work driven by the tunes and rhythms in its creator’s heart, and certainly not music derived from the improvisations of the “Berlin School” pioneers that were Klaus Schulze and TANGERINE DREAM (in their earlier transition). It IS however firmly rooted in the sounds and styles of 70’s Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis coming through loud and clear, with perhaps some of TD’s later, more tuneful material emerging occasionally. Going back in the annals of time here was also a little known seventies UK (I think) synthesizer musician called Paul Brooks who made an album that sounded very much like this one … for now the title escapes me, but those of you out there that own a copy will know who the one I mean. For his first EM album, Rob should take pride in what he has produced.

We have 3 versions of this release. (check the site which version you want)

Package 1: VERY LIMITED SPECIAL EDITION CD+DVD+BONUS CD+COMPANION BOOK – This package contains the main CD+DVD (inc 5.1 Surround Mix) set packaged in a 4-Panel Card Sleeve, PLUS a separate BONUS CD: ‘The Cursus Orchestral Suite – A Symphonic Poem’ packaged in a Card Sleeve with it’s own different cover image!

Package 2: LIMITED EDITION CD+DVD+BONUS CD – This package contains the main CD+DVD (inc 5.1 Surround Mix) set packaged in a 4-Panel Card Sleeve, PLUS a separate BONUS CD: ‘The Cursus Orchestral Suite – A Symphonic Poem’ packaged in a Card Sleeve with it’s own different cover image!

Package 3: CD+DVD – This features the main CD+DVD (inc 5.1 Surround Mix) set packaged in a 4-Panel Card Sleeve. "At the age of 8 I had two albums for Christmas: ‘The Sound Of Music’ and ‘Tubular Bells’. The latter defined my musical path. That same Christmas my brother had: Jean-Michel Jarre’s 'Oxygen' LP as his present. Over the years, and especially of late, I've realised how much of an influence that electronic music album has been to me over the years. From Jarre to Vangelis, from ULTRAVOX to DEPECHE MODE, from John Carpenter to TANGERINE DREAM, this is the resulting album..." Robert Reed - October 2020.
Atilla, Can - SEMS-I RUMI 

A great release from one of the best musicians in and out our EM scene. Although this is not entirely EM it has som many influences that you can consider it a EM release at times. Can is a great composer and producer. If you love his other releases you will enjoy this one!
Brainvoyager - ELECTRONIC FUSION is solely dedicated to electronic music of Groove This week!
New CD's and now in stock.
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Age - Hypnagogie (cdr)
Ansatheus - Canadian Parks (cdr)
Ansatheus - In The Endless Space Paradise Vol 2 (cdr)
Ansatheus - Mirador (cdr)
Ansatheus - Psychomental (cdr)
Can Atilla - Sems-i Rumi (cd)
Marakas - MAGNETIC ISLAND (digipak) (cdr)
ModulatWhite - Lemondream (cdr)
Nattefrost - Secrets of the Universe (cd)
Robert Reed - Cursus (CD/DVD) (digipak) (cd + video)
Robert Reed - Cursus - +Bonus CD (2CD/DVD) (digipak) (2-cd + video)
Robert Reed - Cursus 123 430 - +Bonus CD and Book (2CD/DVD) (digipak) (2-cd + video)
Schiller - Summer in Berlin (digipak) (4-cd)
Skoulaman - Byssed (cd)
Spyra - Hospital (cd)
Transceive - Frozen Circuitry (cd)
Rene van der Wouden - A night at the Manor (cdr)
Rene van der Wouden - Assurance (cdr)
Rene van der Wouden - Cinnamon Horizons (cdr)
Rene van der Wouden - Luftraum (cdr)
Rene van der Wouden - Return of the stargazer (cdr)
Rene van der Wouden - Shimmer Winter Days (cdr)
Rene van der Wouden - Sound of Silence (cdr)
Rene van der Wouden - Stargazer (cdr)
Rene van der Wouden - Trust (cdr)

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Age - Néphélomancie - cdr - GR10003

I needed more than one listening to well seized the 52 minutes of this recent album by the Belgian duo AGE that is also available in CD-R format on Groove, for inspection of clouds as a means of divination, is a musical mosaic whose greatest peculiarity is this lack of homogeneity which ties up rather well after a few listenings, a few painkillers and finally a few minutes, or at most a dozen, in order to hear a certain coherence, both musical and spiritual. This discovery made me think a lot about good old Vangelis in the time he lived in Paris and that he was already thinking of Blade Runner.

It's with chirps, borrowed from the opening of Supertramp's Even in the Quietest Moments, that the long title-track develops its stratagem of seduction. You will notice that I have a bunch of references to this album. Already, synthesized complaints bear the seal of Vangelis! The arpeggios which also fall there have this tonal radiance of a fragile limpidity. While elements of more murky ambiences, such as strange shivers, thundering noises and sequenced impulses, already muffled after a first breath of oxygen, caress the tissues of our eardrums at the same time as reverberating shadows are getting heard in circumference. The decor also plunges into the sinister with effects of voices to be exorcised and prismatic pulsations that try to suck us into the other parallel universe. The mysterious beauty of the glass arpeggios, that we will hear guiding our emotions throughout the 57 minutes of the album, and the cabalistic side of several atmospheric elements are flirting with the apocalyptic vision of Blade Runner. Especially when the electric piano is making waddle its pensive chords a little after the 10th minute. Moreover, these very good oneiric phases will undoubtedly remind you of this eternal fight between serenity and its tumult, more acoustic goes without sayi n g, of the album Ignacio from the Greek magician-musician. For the duo Emmanuel D'haeyere and Guy Vachaudez, these phases are synonymous with artistic integrity since clouds also have this tendency to anger and to incoherent eruptions when pushed by black winds. And that's how this fascinating title-track unfolds, which reflects in sound these images that we give to our interpretations of the slow course of the clouds.

The bass drum's rollings of the 18th minute announce an entry into the sino-musical territories of NÉPHÉLOMANCIE in a structure of symphonic-electronic rhythm clearly more alive than the last 8 minutes which were sewn into the romance of the clouds. Let's say that Vangelis' China is rather conquering in this 3-minute phase which brings us to another more lunar segment with this always melancholic piano. We are in a phase where we are drifting in the axes of a more cosmic music. The gods and goddesses can thus admire the movement of the clouds which is pushed by dus ty breezes. Unstable, the movement remains shaken by brief explosions which weaken our desire for meditation. The entry into the 30-minute territories is focused on a more meticulous approach, a bit like in Beaubourg de Vangelis. On the other hand, the meditative side becomes more adequate here with the ringing of bells, stray arpeggios ringing in solitude and even, further on, these morning bird songs caressed by celestial voices which begin to hum silently. And NÉPHÉLOMANCIE ends in murmurs of EM and its effects, giving again the arguments necessary to hear again this album whose homogeneity was behind its ramparts of modifications since its first note. We just had to hear the 51 minutes from start to finish, to capture its full dimension.
Beautiful and constantly torn towards other skies, the first minutes of NÉPHÉLOMANCIE are its most suspicious! And we must go beyond this milestone of 10 minutes that AGE sculpts with this desire to challenge our ears. Thereafter, it's splen dor to lyricism in a very beautiful oneiric album.

Sylvain Lupari (February 22nd, 2021)
 44515 - Transceive - Frozen Circuitry
Do you remember Exit to Nowhere? It was 4 years ago when my eardrums were still able to digest the rain of decibels that ate the 63 minutes of this album. Well, 4 years later, Transceive returns with a long-awaited sequel… and also deadly for those who have buttocks skin instead of eardrums. Phew! There's dynamite per square inch in this FROZEN CIRCUITRY! It is in an industrial din that Evolver settles. If the strata with odors of twisted metal fill its opening, the percussions, quite simply brilliant by the way, which follow are driving it towards a solid thunderous electronic rock. This rhythm is supported by drum bites and a splendid slow-motion effect which, attached to its rhythmic spasmodic jolts, reminds us how Transceive, and its master thinker Steve Nelson, is intimately linked by the influences of Mark Shreeve. The solos and the devilish synth harmonies that hover in this rhythmic tumult are irrefutable proof of this. It moves and i t explodes constantly, especially for the first 2 tracks, with a dazzling contemporary tone. Everything is lively and jerky in the world of FROZEN CIRCUITRY. You have to watch the decibels because I am convinced that they break established safety standards