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Hello All

The 11th Schallwelle-Preisverleihung was held yesterday.
A nice evening with cool concerts and Harald Grosskopf got a lifetime
achievement award.
The award speech was a bit long :-) but the concert Harald played
after receiving the award was brilliant. What a musician!!
Among the guests in the Room where The great Johannes Schmoelling
and Ron Waters. Manuel Gottsching and Spyra.
The food was great and it indeed felt like the Oscars for the EM scene.

The winners where:
Best Artist : Tangerine Dream
Best Album : Jean-Michel Jarre – Equinoxe Infinity
Best Newcomer : Zeitfaktor (Daniel Plöhn)

And they had a new category, "Their own way" to inspire musicians who
are finding their way in to the "Wildwackyworld" of Electronic music.
These where the first 5 of them!!
Gunnar Spardel - what I heard was really good!!
Kellerkind Berlin - First CD is in the house going to listen this week!!
Kurt Ader - A magician in sounds his CD is great check the catalog!!
Tonal Assembly - His first CD ill be out on Groove within a few months!
Hagen von Bergen - I like his music and check the shop we have several!

A good initiative, it gives new names more exposure!! Hats off!!

It was cool to meet the winner of last years newcomer Icingwolf.
I found the music she did already great, but now she has a great first CD.
Icingwolf - Sonic Waves for a first release i really like it.
We have added it to the catalog and listen to Dreamscape Radio a track is in there.

New Schulze!!
Klaus Schulze's - Timbres of Ice are about to e released.
Timbres Of Ice is another raised treasure from the Klaus Schulze
cosmos! Re-Issue of the albums, which was part of the strictly limited
and long exhausted 2002 5CD boxsets Contemporary Works II.

E-Day 2019!!
In 7 weeks we have E-Day 2019 - April 6th The Enck!
Ticket sales are slowly getting on their way, thanks for all who already pre-ordered!!
The act for the upperroom will be DEMOART.
Planned are the following perfromances:
1) Petersburg - Views of a city
2) Video-Revue Demo Art aka Volker Rapp from 1992 until today - a reunion with
u.a. Ron Boots, Volker Zimmer (Marla Glen), Jürgen Bruhn (Vulture Dive) ....
3) Valletta - Views of an island

Another reason to join us in the Enck!!
Online Tickets

And more info down in the news letter.

Thanks for your time!
Ron Boots

These products are NEW in our catalog.
Further in this newsletter are more details.

Andrew Douglas - Planet Y (cdr)
DVoxx - Télégraphe (digipak) (cd)
DVoxx - Télégraphe (lp)
Nils Frahm - Felt (digipak) (cd)
Nils Frahm - Screws (digipak) (cd)
Nils Frahm - Solo (digipak) (cd)
Nils Frahm - Spaces (digipak) (cd)
Rudolf Heimann - Die Unendlichkeit des Augenblicks (cd)
Icingwolf - Sonic Waves (cd)
Maria Warner - Phase Transition (cdr)
Ken Martin - Dark Corridors (cdr)
Ken Martin - Dark Corridors Vol. 2 (cdr)
Ken Martin - Distant Echoes (cdr)
Ken Martin - Planetarium (cdr)
Klaus Schulze - Timbres of Ice (digipak) (cd)
SpiralDreams - Elsewhere (cdr)
Tangerine Dream - Live at Augusta Raurica (2 CD + 2 DVD) (box) (2xdvd + 2xcd)
V/A - Free Grooves (cd)

====== Dreamscape Radio =======
Dreamscape Radio show 486 is online.
With music from various Artists.
You can find Dreamscape here. http://www.dreamscaperadio.nl


And in March we have something special.
Electronics meets acoustics live @ Dorfkirche Repelen!

Friday, 15th March 2019, 19:30 h (admission 19:00 h)
Supporting Act: Ron Boots (NL)
Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder

Saturday, 16th March 2019, 19:30 h (admission 19:00 h)
Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder feat. Raughi Ebert, Eva and
Thomas Kagermann

Ticket prices:
Friday: advance booking 22,00 Euro, box office 25,00 €
Saturday: advance booking 20,00 Euro, box office 22,00 €

Reduced tickets for students and people with disabilities 18,00 €
Tickets for both concert days together cost 40,00 Euro in advance.
Ticket order under: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

E-Day 2019
April 6th The Enck!

Something special this year a co-op from great EM musicians todate!
Thorsten Quaeschning and friends.

Wolfram Spyra - His brilliant release Dunst still resonates through the EM Scene.
Now he is the headliner of the Afternoon!!

Stephan Whitlan - one of the most musical and virtuous musicians we have
in our music scene!! A great performer and artist!

RHEA Fantastic Space music from Belgium!

Ticket sales for E-Live 2018.
I hope that those who are certain they are coming will order their tickets soon!
30 Euro
39 Euro

We think again a great line up with fantastic artists that will take us to
musical highs.!! Don't miss it!!

Online Tickets

Transfer it to our RABO BANK account: Ron Boots.
IBAN: NL78RABO0113711557
For Belgium.
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For German
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We don't send "real" tickets.
After the payment is received your name is added to a list.
This list is ready at the box-office on the day.
Before that you will receive a confirmation by Email.
Please take that confirmation with you on the day.

======= Reviews ======
29410 Jarre, Jean Michel - Equinoxe Infinity (Limited Edition) (Boxset)

Never thought that he would be capable of such acts at the age of
seventy! It is risky to make successors of your most successful works.
Mike Oldfield did it with varying (artistic) success. Jarre himself
also threw his breakthrough LP Oxygene twice in recycling. And now
then Equinoxe; a praised piece of work by all his fans. Doubt in
advance, it would be badly disappointing or with it. Forty years ago,
the album just did not make the mega sales of Oxygene, but with the
well-known Equinoxe part 5 it still contained a hit potent tune.
Equinoxe was also the prelude to the first mega concert by the
Frenchman at Place de la Concorde in Paris. The name and fame only
increased and Jarre became the best known synthesizer musician in the
world and still is today. Someone who has actually become a genre and
completely created his own sound. And age does not mean anything
because the man is unprecedentedly productive. His oeuvre overview
Planet Jarre has appeared cold, the successful Electronica CDs on
which he collaborates with all sorts of artists that he has influenced
were well received and a world tour is just finished. And now Equinoxe
Infinity. From the record company we received the royal box titled
Equinoxe Project in which the vinyl from the album from 1978 and the
remake is included as well as both versions on CD. Posters of the
beautiful artwork and codes to download digital versions of the music
complete the whole. It was precisely that cover of original album that
inspired Jarre to compose the new music. These so-called mysterious
'Watchers' do they embody good or evil? Are they forerunners of
virtual reality and is that new technology good for humanity yes then
no? Two scenarios that also contain two different covers for the CD.
The above questions are elaborated musically in ten 'movements'. Jarre
leaves the pieces that are different in terms of arrangement quite
easily flow into one another. As a result, the CD certainly has flow
and speed. The stately of the original Equinoxe what almost an
electronic suite is just not successful, but as a whole it has become
a handsome and charming work. Jarre quotes frequently from his
complete discography with sounds and themes that are familiar and also
follows the structure of Equinoxe. Striking is the 3rd movement Robots
Do not Cry. In one take played and sometimes against the fake. Honest
and pure of course, but also proof that Jarre has his limitations as a
keyboard player and always knows how to smack his music perfectly with
bleeps, zissers and other enchanting decorations. You'll hear that
again in the smooth parts such as Flying Totems, Infinity and The
Opening. The bombastic opening with The Watchers and the more ambient
and bubbling swinging title piece refers strongly to Equinoxe, but
also let sf euren as The Orb knows how to create. With a playing
length of lp-length, it is an album that Jarre excels with. Old is
cleverly mixed with new and he shows here that he is the man to
(still) take into account. And so in the last days of his career, you
would think ...

Robbert Schuller - (c) iO Pages, januari 2019

======= Reviews ======
28064 Gandalf - ALL IS ONE-ONE IS ALL

Austria's Heinz Strobl recently celebrated its 35-year-old presence in
the trade with a concert at the prestigious Konzerthaus in Vienna.
Under his stage name Gandalf he releases an album on average every
year, so the discography now has a good length. In recent years his
work has been published on the American label Real Music, which
specializes in new age. The music of Heinz seems to have softened
under the influence of that, where he was always close to the symphony
in the eighties and nineties. The best is that due to a lesser role on
the later productions for the electric guitar that Strobl always
played so beautifully in Steve Hackett style. Also on All Is One - One
Is All the piano wins it again, although luckily there is some tension
and bombast here and there. For example From The Depth Of The Earth
there is a nice threat and an almost symphonic build-up. The cello by
Merike H ilmar is also a fixed value on the most recent albums.
Multi-instrumentalist Peter Aschenbrenner and Heinz 'son Christian
(drums) also often participate on the plates, so also now. I find the
vocals of Agnes Milewsky less in the Celtic tinted title track. In the
nineties Gandalf already made a record with Tracy Hitchings (Landmarq,
Strangers On A Train) in this style. We now know that Clannad-like
atmosphere by now. The version here is a very well-worn push-through.
A piece of art is the song Where Longings Are Born with a stirring
cello and a stately piano. It reminds me of the soundtrack of the
Oscar winning film The Piano. Halfway through is the track Paint You A
Song; a correct description for the style of Gandalf. The man can
paint with sounds as the best on this album inspired by the Canary
Island of La Palma.

Robbert Schuller - (c) iO Pages, January 2017

Additions and changes from February 1 2019 till February 17 2019

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Andrew Douglas - PLANET Y (cdr) 44350
$ 17.25 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.75
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=44350

*review added *
Colisseum - Alexynth Project + Perceptual Defense - ADVENTUS (cdr) 37283
2018. Some good sequencing here!.
$ 18.75 / UKP 13.25 / EURO 14.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=37283

*review added *
Devadder, Serge - TAXON (cd) gr-260
$ 17.25 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.75
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=gr-260

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
DVoxx - TéLéGRAPHE (cd) 48026
Release date: 2019 15 March
$ 18.75 / UKP 13.25 / EURO 14.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=48026

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
DVoxx - TéLéGRAPHE (lp) 64350
Release date: 2019 15 March
$ 28.75 / UKP 20.25 / EURO 22.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=64350

*review added *
FD.Project - ROOTS (cd) 22029
2018. Versatile, rhythmic, electronic A great new album.
$ 18.75 / UKP 13.25 / EURO 14.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=22029

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Frahm, Nils - FELT (cd) 60801
$ 21.25 / UKP 14.99 / EURO 16.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=60801

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Frahm, Nils - SCREWS (cd) 32855
$ 21.25 / UKP 14.99 / EURO 16.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=32855

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Frahm, Nils - SOLO (cd) 12601
$ 21.25 / UKP 14.99 / EURO 16.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=12601

*new entry / (back) in stock *
Frahm, Nils - SPACES (cd) 59664
$ 21.25 / UKP 14.99 / EURO 16.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=59664

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
2019. A strong release with great sequencing and melodies.
$ 17.49 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=26784

*review added *
Heimann, Rudolf - TRANCEFUSION (cd) 80974
2018. remastered rerelease of the 1993 album "Trancefusion".
$ 18.75 / UKP 13.25 / EURO 14.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=80974

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Icingwolf - SONIC WAVES (cd) 19315
2018. The winner of the Schallwell new comer Elections 2017!!.
$ 16.25 / UKP 11.49 / EURO 12.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=19315

*(back) in stock *
Jarre, Jean Michel - EQUINOXE INFINITY (DIGI) (cd) 20413
2018. Same Music with different cover!!.
$ 22.49 / UKP 15.75 / EURO 17.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=20413

*(back) in stock *
Jarre, Jean Michel - EQUINOXE INFINITY (LIMITED EDITION) (BOXSET) (4-cd) 29410
$ 123 / UKP 86.75 / EURO 99
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=29410

*review added *
Keller & Schonwalder & Broekhuis - YELLOW (cd) 32405
2017. Brand new stuff from this amazing Trio..
$ 18.75 / UKP 13.25 / EURO 14.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=32405

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Maria Warner - PHASE TRANSITION (cdr) 33394
2019. Back in time to the 70's Froese and TD Time.
$ 17.25 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.75
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=33394

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Martin, Ken - DARK CORRIDORS (cdr) 25144
2019. Slow dark sounds and Sequences very enjoyable!.
$ 17.25 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.75
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=25144

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Martin, Ken - DARK CORRIDORS VOL. 2 (cdr) 51285
2019. Slow dark sounds and Sequences very enjoyable!.
$ 17.25 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.75
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=51285

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Martin, Ken - DISTANT ECHOES (cdr) 18272
2019. Retro Berlin School in Schulze style.
$ 17.25 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.75
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=18272

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Martin, Ken - PLANETARIUM (cdr) 77338
2019. Retro Berlin space music..
$ 17.25 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.75
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=77338

*(back) in stock *
Peru - BEST OF PERU 1979-1999 (cd) 17772
1979/1999. Incl. 3 new tracks.
$ 18.75 / UKP 13.25 / EURO 14.99
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=17772

*(back) in stock *
Pollard, Daniel, Booth - EIGHT (cd) 30366
2018. Retro sounds, sequences, mellotron choirs and effects with some nice e-guitar.
$ 18.75 / UKP 13.25 / EURO 14.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=30366

*(back) in stock *
Pollard, Daniel, Booth - SEVEN (cd) 36042
2018. 76 minutes of pure Berlin School.
$ 18.75 / UKP 13.25 / EURO 15
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=36042

*(back) in stock *
Quaeschning + Schnauss - SYNTHWAVES (cd) 75657
$ 18.75 / UKP 13.25 / EURO 14.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=75657

*new in stock *
Rich, Robert - BIODE (cd) 39887
2018. Cosmic Ambient flowwing music, at times very deep moving..
$ 19.25 / UKP 13.49 / EURO 15.40
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=39887

*new in stock *
Rich, Robert - TACTILE GROUND (2-cd) 42601
2019. Brilliant Ambient album by Robert!.
$ 24.99 / UKP 17.49 / EURO 19.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=42601

*(back) in stock *
Riechmann, Wolfgang - WUNDERBAR (cd) 38067
2009. Style: Kraftwerk.
$ 22.49 / UKP 15.75 / EURO 17.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=38067

*track listing and cover added *
Schulze, Klaus - ANGST (cd) 30254
$ 24.99 / UKP 17.49 / EURO 19.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=30254

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Schulze, Klaus - TIMBRES OF ICE (cd) 68952
2019. RE-RELEASE WITH BONUSTRACK Part of Contemporary Works II..
$ 24.99 / UKP 17.49 / EURO 19.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=68952

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
SpiralDreams - ELSEWHERE (cdr) 17332
2019. Berlin School from the 70's with melodies.
$ 17.25 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.75
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=17332

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Tangerine Dream - LIVE AT AUGUSTA RAURICA (2 CD + 2 DVD) (2xdvd + 2xcd) 21664
2019. LIVE AT AUGUSTA RAURICA SWITZERLAND 2016 special box set.
Release date: 5-03-2019
$ 36.25 / UKP 25.49 / EURO 29
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=21664

*review added *
Tronestam, Johan - SPACE COLLECTION (cd) 39816
2017. Influenced by the early synth masters, such as Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Tangerine Dream, as well as the progressive rock of Pink Floyd.
$ 18.25 / UKP 12.75 / EURO 14.50
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=39816

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
V/A - FREE GROOVES (cd) gr-901
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=gr-901

*(back) in stock *
Vangelis - BLADE RUNNER TRILOGY (3-cd) 29476
2007. Incl. previously unreleased and NEW music.
$ 24.99 / UKP 17.49 / EURO 19.90
Details/soundclip/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=29476

*(back) in stock *
Vangelis - NOCTURNE (cd) 38956
2019. Vangelis plays his favorite traks on the Grand Piano..
$ 23.25 / UKP 16.25 / EURO 18.50
Details/soundclip/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=38956

*(back) in stock *
Wahnfried - TRANCELATION (cd) 41899
2019. With Georg Stettner. & WAHNFRIED.
$ 24.99 / UKP 17.49 / EURO 19.90
Details/soundclip/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=41899

*review added *
Wellenfeld - ELECTED PIECES 04-18 (cdr) 80943
$ 18.75 / UKP 13.25 / EURO 14.90
Details/soundclip/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=80943


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