Groove's Black Friday CD!! sales !!
Very special price on a lot of Groove Unlimited titles.
Only € 7.90 for a single CD!!  (from the GR-001 until the GR-210!!)
And to make it even more attractive!
If you order 10 copies they are only € 60.00
So 10 CD's for only € 60.00 !!

Mind you this is only available from Groove itself and only for all Groove release from 1992 to 2015!!  And all Dyson and Wavestar titles are not available for this offer!!
This means from the GR-001 until the GR-230 !!
Click at the top of the page on Groove Products and check which cd's you missed.

Black Friday Sale on all Downloads at Groove Unlimited.
We have a 25% off on all downloads until the 5th of December on the Groove Download site!!  Just use the coupon code - black - and it will be deducted from your order!

Go to https://shop.groove.nl/
And click at the top of the page on the Download store!!
Over 350 titles for you to check out!!

Black Friday Sale at Groove Unlimited's Bandcamp page.
On the Groove Bandcamp.page we have a 20% discount on all Titles.

Just use the code - Black - and it will be applied!! 
50% OFF on the listed price!!
Check the picture above heree, just click on offer and dive in.

We have a huge list for you to go through that has all overstock/out of print releases.
And these have all a 50 % discount. 
So CD's that are normally € 15.00 are now only € 7.50.

YES 50% OFF on all CDs down here, with some great releases from great names!! So look at the price and then slice off 50%!!!! 
Have fun and keep in mind limited amounts and gone is gone!!
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