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Hello All

Have a warm, Healthy, Prosper and Loving 2019 from Monique and me!!
The new year starts with new entries in the catalog.
And we had an inventory and have some really cool special deals for you.

But first this!
V/A - SCHALLPLATTE 20 Is the free CD that you get if you are a member
of Schallwende e.V. A German fan club base for Electronic Music.
For those interested visit their face book page.

Special for you through Groove you can get it!!
Schallwende FREEGIFT with any 5 CD order as long as stock lasts.
Unique music from artists like
Volt, Smedes, FD Project, Icing Wolf, Pergamon e.a.
And this year we have issue 20!!!
We only have a limited amount so do not wait to long!!

The new Vangelis is announced, Nocturne is an all Grand Piano album.
No synths on this one is what we heard, but me as Vangelis fan
am really looking forward to this release!
Check all new releases here.

Time to look back on 2018 a bit.
Especially with this years Schallwelle Award.
Until January 15, 2019 you can vote your favorite releases from 2018.
We at Groove had fine Electronic releases this year!!
Please give your vote now and course we are pleased if you vote for
one of the 2018 Groove releases!!
Go to http://www.schallwelle-preis.de and participate!!

And we had our annual stock check and we have some nice deals for you.
Check the Decreased price section, some we only have 1 copy so
don't wait to long! All are also on the web on this page.

(More info in the Concert Section)
Die 11. Schallwelle-Preisverleihung
16. Februar in der Rohrmeisterei in Schwerte statt.

Von 18 Uhr (Einlass 17 Uhr) bis ca. 23.30 Uhr erwartet Euch ein
abwechslungsreiches Programm:
3 Kurzkonzerte bis max. 30 bis 60 Minuten mit
- Ron Boots, Harold van der Heijden & Frank Dorittke 
(Frank wird solo diesen set anfangen)
- IcingWolf, aka.Monika Freerk (Neuling 2017)
- Klaus Buntrock.

And in March we have something special.
Electronics meets acoustics live @ Dorfkirche Repelen!

Friday, 15th March 2019, 19:30 h (admission 19:00 h)
Supporting Act: Ron Boots (NL)
Broekhuis, Keller & Sch��lder

Saturday, 16th March 2019, 19:30 h (admission 19:00 h)
Broekhuis, Keller & Sch��lder feat. Raughi Ebert, Eva and
Thomas Kagermann

Ticket prices:
Friday: advance booking 22,00 Euro, box office 25,00
Saturday: advance booking 20,00 Euro, box office 22,00

Reduced tickets for students and people with disabilities 18,00
Tickets for both concert days together cost 40,00 Euro in advance.
Ticket order under: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

So some nice concerts in the near future and of coarse we have E-Day 2019.
E-Day 2019 April 6th The Enck!

The main stage act that are booked until now are:
SPYRA, his latest release Dunst is among the best releases of 2018!!!!
RHEA Marc de Wit his alter Ego. Space music in its finest form!!

You can already order again through the Groove Download shop!!

Thanks for your time!
Ron Boots

These products are NEW in our catalog.
Further in this newsletter are more details.

Xan Alexander - Syntherics (cdr)
Holger Czukay - Der Osten ist Rot (cd)
Brian Eno & others - Finding Shore (cd)
Indra - Challenge (cdr)
Lensflare - H.A.A.R.P. (cdr)
Ken Martin - A Sense Of Planetary Movement Vol 2 (cdr)
Ken Martin - Dark Ambience (cdr)
Ken Martin - Pinnacles (cdr)
Pollard, Daniel, Booth - Seven (digipak) (cd)
SpiralDreams - Rainbow II (cdr)
SpiralDreams - Saturn (cdr)
SpiralDreams - Unpublished Songs 7 Vol.2 (cdr)
V/A - Schallplatte 20 (cd)
Vangelis - Nocturne (cd)
Vangelis - Nocturne =Vinyl= (2-lp)
Wiesenberg - Eremit (cd)

German TXT
Die 11. Schallwelle-Preisverleihung findet am 16. Februar in der
Rohrmeisterei in Schwerte statt.

Von 18 Uhr (Einlass 17 Uhr) bis ca. 23.30 Uhr erwartet Euch ein
abwechslungsreiches Programm:
3 Kurzkonzerte bis max. 60 Minuten mit
- Ron Boots, Harold van der Heijden & Frank Dorittke 
- IcingWolf, aka.Monika Freerk (Neuling 2017)
- Klaus Buntrock.

die Preisverleihung in den Kategorien Beste Musiker, Beste (CD-)
Ver��ntlichung, Bester Neuling und Der eigene Weg

Ein toller Abend in der Gesellschaft von vielen bekannten Musikern
etliche Plattenst䮤e und last but not least ein rustikales Bffet

Dies alles gibt es fr 32,50 pro Ticket (schallwender zahlen nur 28).
Der Preis frs Lebenswerk geht in diesem Jahr an: Harald Grosskopf!!!

Wie kommt man an die Eintrittskarten?
Eine E-Mail an ticket[at]schallwelle-preis.de senden.
Darin bitte die Anzahl der Tickets und die Namen aller G䳴e auffhren
(bei Vereinsmitgliedern schallwende hinter den Namen setzen).

Den Geldbetrag auf unser Konto bei der GLS-Bank berweisen:
schallwende e.V.
IBAN: DE09 4306 0967 4079 7093 00
Dort bitte im Verwendungszweck auch die E-Mailadresse und Namen angeben.

Die Tickets kommen dann nach dem Geldeingang per Mail (bitte
ausdrucken und zur Veranstaltung mitbringen).
Ausnahmsweise kann auch eine Postzustellung erfolgen.
Dann bitte den Rechnungsbetrag um 1 erh��! Alternativ
k��n diese Tickets auch am Einlass hinterlegt werden.

These products are decreased in price.
Further in this newsletter are more details.

Aairria - Urbanisation (cd) $12.49 , 8.75 , 9.90
Air - Virgin suicides (cd) $11.25 , 7.99 , 8.90
Alpha Lyra - Music for the stars 2 (amaray case) (cdr) $14.99 , 10.49 , 11.90 Now with 20% EXTRA discount!
Alpha Wave Movement - Earthen (cdr) $16.25 , 11.49 , 12.90
Alpha Wave Movement - Harmonic Currents (cdr) $16.25 , 11.49 , 12.90 Now with 20% EXTRA discount!
ALX - Lying at the bass of the spine (cd) $8.75 , 6.25 , 6.90 <-- LAST COPIES!
Aqua Dorsa - Cloudlands (digipak) (cd) $12.49 , 8.75 , 9.90
Aquavoice - Cold (cd) $11.25 , 7.99 , 8.90
Can Atilla - Can-I Yunus (Double LP) (2-lp) $27.49 , 19.25 , 21.90
Aidan Baker - Aneira (digipak) (cd) $12.49 , 8.75 , 9.90
Centrozoon - Sun lounge debris (cdr) $16.25 , 11.49 , 12.90
Divine Matrix - Invisible Landscapes (cd) $14.99 , 10.49 , 11.90
Drum 'N' Nibor - Balance (cdr) $13.75 , 9.75 , 10.90
Drum 'N' Nibor - Mixed Emotions (cdr) $14.99 , 10.49 , 11.90
Drum 'N' Nibor - Timeless (cdr) $14.99 , 10.49 , 11.90
Elkinson. Ken - Midnight conversation (cd) $8.75 , 6.25 , 6.90
Empusae - Empusae | Klankdal (digipak) (cd) $12.49 , 8.75 , 9.90
Stefan Erbe - Emotiondesign (cd) $14.99 , 10.49 , 11.90
Frank Fischer - Tales Of Mullumbimby (cd) $12.49 , 8.75 , 9.90 Now with 20% EXTRA discount! <-- ONE COPY!
Francisco L