[Groove] E-News 1257 10th October 2021

Dear EM fans!!

Lots of new releases this week and also very cool E-Live 2021 news for those who can not come and join us in the hall that day !!

These are new in the catalog ! (read further on for info)

Awenson - Floating (cd)
Divine Matrix - Celestial Phenomena (cd)
Steve Orchard - Enchanted Autumn (cd)
Steve Roach - Live at SoundQuest Fest 2021 (cd)
Steve Roach & Michael Stearns - Beyond Earth & Sky (digipak) (cd)
S-A-W (Schmoelling -Ader - Waters) - Art of Iconic (dvd)
Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk - Eight Fragments of An Illusion (digipak) (cd)
Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters - Destiny Waiving (digipak) (cd)
Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters - Destiny Waiving (2CD versions) (digipak) (2-cd)
UNI SPHERE - TempUs (cd)
E-LIVE - 23rd OF OCTOBER 2021 !!

We are nearly sold out!! 
I capped this E-Live to 200 visitors because we also have Dutch design week that weekend and it will be the first one in a new location and after all the Corona stuff.
So at this stage a few tickets are left.

But for years many of you asked, can you also stream it live during the day!!
YES we are going to do this year.
We set it up so that you can pick the concert you want to see or even get a special fullday ticket!!

So how does it work!!
Each concert has its own link on the Musicstream site!
And you can BUY!!! a ticket for that concert, the money will cover the costs to do this and have a bit of extra for the musician of those you buy the ticket for!!

Keep in mind these are live streams! NOT RECORDINGS!!
Bas Broekhuis who does these great concerts/live streams with BYSS is going to do the registration and feed to the Music Stream site. So that is in the best hands available!!
The Hall has high speed internet so that should be fine.

So these are the live performances that you can join in on the day online!!

15:00 - 16:15 -  Nothing but Noise (BE)

16:45 - 18:00 - UniSphere (NL)

20:00 - 20:45 - F.D.Project (DE)

21:15 - 22:30 - Gert Emmens and Ron Boots (NL)

Keep in mind that the times indicated are aproxx times but should be very close.
But you have to watch it on that time!! It's life!!
Check this time map when you are in different time zones to not miss anything !!.

Each concert individually is € 8.00
But if you choose more then 1 concert they are € 7.00 pp
And for all 4 performances it is just € 24.00 
All payments are done on the Musicstream site!!
You will get a personal link to join us on that day!!

You asked for it for years so I hope many will join us online!!

E-LIVE - 23rd OF OCTOBER 2021 !!

Foyer concert by "Kontrol Raum" - Bas Broekhuis, Frank Rothe & Mario Schönwälder.

Live on stage:
F.D. Project (DE)
Nothing but Noise (BE)
UniSphere (NL)
Gert Emmens and Ron Boots (NL)

you can order again through the Groove Download shop!!
If you have tickets reserved you will get a mail asap!
2 New Groove releses.

GR-333 - UNI SPHERE - TempUs

Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=gr-333

Some 6 years ago Eric van der Heijden and Rene Splinter surprised the EM scene with their project Uni Sphere and its fine debut “EndLess EndeavoR”. The latter proved a solid, well-made and highly emotive work of sonic art sketching out various moods and atmospheres. After a lot of hard work and perseverance there’s “TempUS”, a concept album dealing with the fact that (everything in) life is temporary.

To reflect on that, both musicians composed 65 minutes of imaginative and narrative music that unfolds slowly through fields of in-depth textural landscapes, enticing melodic lines and sequences patterns while elements of Johannes Schmoelling’s sound design shines through occasionally.

The music shifts into more dynamic mode on “In Transition”, a typical Rene Splinter track, opening with up-tempo sequences before shifting to a smoother pace while warm melodies are released. The 7-minute “Reflections” is all about creating fluid, melancholic-infused textural spheres before drums, sequences as well as a smooth solo kick in on “Post Meridian (11:35 pm)”. From there the sound design builds gently along some Schmoelling-esque solo voices surfacing now and then.

The realm of ‘80’s TD also applies to the futuristic “Technical Instrument for Measurement of Existence” where a pleasant bit of sound experimentation is going on paired with heavy drums and brief melodic lines. The 11-minute “Reunification” rounds out the fine release in an up-tempo fashion with various tempo changes and very nice sequencer patterns at work as well as some fine solos. All in all, I have no doubt “TempUS” will appeal to and be appreciated highly by a wide Em-audience out there.

Bert Strollenberg /  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


GR-323 - Awenson - Floating

Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=gr-323

Joël BERNARD (Awenson) is a french electronic researcher and keyboardist. He can be considered as the great successor of french 70s proggy kosmische wizards (Bernard Xolotl, Zanov, Didier Bocquet).
His first album published in 2010 on Dreaming reveals astonishing, luminous dreamscapes based on floating synthesized waves and circular electronic arpeggios, reminiscence to the Berlin school of electronics and notorious figures such as Klaus Schulze , Edgar Froese and Michael Hoenig.

Tellurian, spaced out musical impressionism in an original peculiar way.
S-A-W (Schmoelling -Ader - Waters) - Art of Iconic 

‘Art Of Iconic’ is the new 2021 film from the S-A-W collaboration of Johannes Schmoelling, Kurt Ader & Robert Waters outfit and A. Merz.
Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters    Destiny Waiving (2 versions available)
Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk    Eight Fragments of An Illusion

Great new release of one of my favorite Musicians Ulrich Schnauss!!
Sorry due to the work and preparations of E-Live I had no time to make a new Dreamscape radio.
So issue 600 is on line one more week!

Thanks for your time!!

Ron Boots
87271 The Amnis Initiative - Alternate Timelines
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=87271

I had been enormously seduced by Ejection last year. But still, I found some difficulties to join the electronic symphonic rock style of ALTERNATE TIMELINES. Built around the probabilities of time travels, this new album of The Amnis Initiative has the attributes of its ambition. A very good melodist, Dennis Lodewijks creates an incomparable science fiction soundtrack where the soul of his compositions flirt with the last 4 decades well-orchestrated by the immense possibilities of synthesizers. The strength of this album lies in its musical architecture with powerful arrangements and sounds in every nanosecond. The percussions and percussive effects are the cornerstone of the rhythms that also rely on the work of the sequencer and this orchestral tissue worthy of the great symphonic rocks. The album is lively with a panoply of rhythms whose roots go back as far as the first experiments of Synergy, with a fascinating nod to progressive rock b a nds while touching on the arrangements of the synth-pop years, without forgetting the roots of Vangelis. In short, a lot of styles, big driving rock and beautiful eardrum-eating melodies await us in the corridors of ALTERNATE TIMELINES.

And to entice his audience, Dennis Lodewijks inserts 4 to 5 tracks that hook us instantly, like Singularity that starts with a solid cosmic rock propelled by a mesh of bass-sequences and sober percussions. The track offers a good intergalactic vision with passages fueled by weird voices, probably relayed by a faulty vocoder, and others that are filled with interstellar noises and sound effects, if not some very good synth solos. Taken from the Terminator Revisited EP, Hunted is another electronic rock track that comes to life some 30 seconds after church bells ringing. More electronic with a heavy bass-sequences line that starts to oscillate from ear to ear, the percussions that harpoon it adds more depth in heaviness. The howls that charge towa rds its finale give it a more cinematic feel. Vangelis being at the heart of The Amnis Initiative's influences, it should come as no surprise to hear tracks that plunge us squarely into that universe, like Pale Blue Dot which is as beautiful as Italian Song from the Private Collection album. Crossroads is a track with a slow and orchestral progression whose melodious impulses increase its intensity. One could say that it is a ballad set on a structure interspersed of meditative phases filled by beautiful harmonies that shimmer in place. The electronic bolero revives at each turn with an emotional velocity that reaches its peak in a slightly dramatic finale. A track like 1978 is candy for my ears. Driven by a splendid set of percussions and percussive effects, the track progresses with a ghostly velocity. The bass feeds mainly a progression maintained in a static state on laments of a synth with prismatic perfumes. A splendid title which makes me think of Michael Garrison, if not Je a n-Michel Jarre. Charged Particles doesn't waste time to launch into a technoïd rhythm wrapped in morphic layers. The sequences flutter like arpeggios put in boxes while the big boom-boom make vibrate the sails of our eardrums. This hellish rhythm keeps an electronic prose close to Element 4's style, while Dennis Lodewijks sculpts synth solos that keep this cosmic dimension of ALTERNATE TIMELINES still intact. After this infernal rhythm, what could be better than a beautiful atmospheric track like Shimmering Waves and its effect of musical canon which makes its harmonious layers climb in intersidereal winds.

There is intensity to the square inch in Destination Unknown. The bass-sequences bounce under layers of synthesizers whose melodious tone shines until reaching those layers that Vangelis exploited to imitate the taciturn sky of Blade Runner. The rhythm whirrs and pulses more and more heavily, while The Amnis Initiative introduces percussive elements in a decor whose emotions sound rather like Thierry Fervant in his album Seasons of Life. The music progresses and reaches this unavowed goal of injecting us a good dose of shivers in an intensity that gives gooseflesh. A great track whose discreet melody serves as a backdrop for the beautiful Epiphany. This romantic track exploits those unique synth groans of the Greek musician's signature. It sounds very much like a film score featuring an opera singer, so much the melody lends itself to it. Superb, I'm sure I've heard this somewhere else...Possibly on a trip to another time. But damn it, it's beautiful! After such a dramatic sweetness, what could be better than loosening the legs in a good EDM structure? Super catchy, Duality is a good cosmic rock & dance propelled by orchestral synth riffs and percussions whose din doesn't reduce the charms nor the melodies of the synth, nor of its solos that sing like those of an electric guitar. It's a track that catches on from the first listen and is followed by a s a d meditative melody in Evening Shadows, personified by a violin releasing its sighs in a starry night. Built on the intensity of its choir, mostly female voices, Anemoia is symphonic rock that offers a light rhythm sitting well on sober percussions. We don't write to mom, but it remains light and catchy. Second and last track to be included in the Terminator Revisited EP, TX-500 proposes a military march made on a slightly faster pace. It is a mixture of Synergy and Vangelis with an electronic envelope rich of its versatility and its solos camouflaged in a heavy and intense rhythm with a good cinematographic vision. We reach Welcome to the Blue Zone and its progressive electronic rock à la Emerson, Lake & Palmer in Works or Geoffrey Downes & The New Dance Orchestra, I think of the album The Light Program. The synth harmonies are hyper melodious and easily give a fierce musical itch. More dramatic and cinematic than Evening Shadows, Burning Sun also features a violin, gypsy-like thi s time, and its Arabic melody. Another leap in time comes with 1991 and its procession driven by bass-pulsing jumps and percussion shaped to support a passive flow. The orchestrations sculpt staccatos of the synth-pop years that furnish this texture of electronic symphonic rock lacking a little punch to be a title that would conclude an album of this scale. Good, nothing more!

Honestly! I was immediately charmed as soon as I sat down to listen to this ALTERNATE TIMELINES. The reason is that there are hyper contagious tracks and melodies to give the gooseflesh to a rock in this new album from The Amnis Initiative. There is also this tangibility of making us travel in the musical years, in concert with the concept of the album, which enchants, since indeed we feel this gap of the styles well scattered in the 75 minutes of an album available in CD manufactured, in download and in 5.1 Surround Sound. An excellent album that will give you hours of pleasure to discover it under all its angles.  /  Sylvain Lupari (September 23rd, 2021)
Additions and changes from October 1 2021 till October 10 2021
*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Awenson - FLOATING (cd) gr-323
Mystic music with a great sense of feeling. Music that will instandly appeal to those who love the works of Edgar Froese. It has a sense of timelessness. A masterpiece of Electronic Music..
Release date: 20-10-2020
$ 17.25 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.75
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=gr-323

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Divine Matrix - CELESTIAL PHENOMENA (cd) 85759
2021. Easily the best album so far from Steve Barnes,who is honing his talents asDivine Matrix, Atmospheric Variations presents a drifting, gently rhythmic programmed sequences giving a pleasing Tangerine Dream feel..
$ 16.25 / UKP 11.49 / EURO 12.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=85759

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Orchard, Steve - ENCHANTED AUTUMN (cd) 19114
2021. A daring and beautiful heartfelt musical statement.
$ 16.25 / UKP 11.49 / EURO 12.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=19114

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Radio Massacre International - GOD OF ELECTRICITY (cd) 28754
1994. Retro.
$ 24.99 / UKP 17.49 / EURO 19.99
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=28754

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Radio Massacre International - KNUTSFORD IN MAY (cd) 11910
1997. Same style as their first two CD's.
$ 24.99 / UKP 17.49 / EURO 19.99
Details/soundclip/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=11910

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Radio Massacre International - ORGAN HARVEST (cd) 15560
1997. Blissful soundworlds of depth and beauty.
$ 24.99 / UKP 17.49 / EURO 19.99
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=15560

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Radio Massacre International - UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS (cd) 30494
2000. Contains improvisations for 5 concerts, incl. 2nd Jodrell Bank concert, October Gallery '98 and Reingold Club.
$ 24.99 / UKP 17.49 / EURO 19.99
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=30494

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Roach, Steve - LIVE AT SOUNDQUEST FEST 2021 (cd) 66961
$ 19.99 / UKP 13.99 / EURO 15.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=66961

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Roach, Steve & Stearns, Michael - BEYOND EARTH & SKY (cd) 25016
2021. 2 master musicians join in a musical treat!.
$ 21.25 / UKP 14.99 / EURO 16.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=25016

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S-A-W (Schmoelling -Ader - Waters) - ART OF ICONIC (dvd) 18519
2021. Iconic is the music of Schmoelling -Ader - Waters. And this is the special DVD !!.
$ 37.49 / UKP 26.25 / EURO 29.95
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=18519

*new in stock *
Spyra - VOICES OF ANCESTORS (cd) 86115
$ 18.75 / UKP 13.25 / EURO 14.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=86115

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Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk - EIGHT FRAGMENTS OF AN ILLUSION (cd) 28062
$ 19.99 / UKP 13.99 / EURO 15.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=28062

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Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters - DESTINY WAIVING (cd) 27543
$ 21.25 / UKP 14.99 / EURO 16.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=27543

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Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters - DESTINY WAIVING (2CD VERSIONS) (2-cd) 29064
$ 28.75 / UKP 20.25 / EURO 22.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=29064

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UNI SPHERE - TEMPUS (cd) gr-333
2021. Unisphere are Rene Splinter and Eric v.d. Heijden. Majestic, warm and melodic full in the style of both musicians. TD fans should not miss this, the vibe of the Early 80's are here!!.
Release date: 23-10-2021
$ 18.49 / UKP 12.99 / EURO 14.75
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=gr-333

*released *
Vangelis - JUNO TO JUPITER (cd) 81064
$ 24.99 / UKP 17.49 / EURO 19.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=81064

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Wavestar - TWO (cd) 32134
$ 18.49 / UKP 12.99 / EURO 14.78
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=32134
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