[Groove] E-News 1284 29th May 2022
Hello all.

2 week are passed since E-Day 2022.
Musicly a very nice edition with some of the finest EM I heard in a few years.
Financially a disaster as the Natlab added so many extra costs this time that we had a rather big negative outcome.
Sad and it made me realise that working with them (especially the general manager "Thor") is no longer possible this way. So it is now NOTlab instead of NatLab.

Funny enough I got a mail also from the people who are trying to get the "de Enck" reopend and on the 15th juni 2022 there is a gathering of all concerend (I am one of them:-). Let's hope for the best but I am already checking also a new venue for E-Live 2022!! 

As for E-Day 2022

Däcker - Dutchman Peter Dekker started the day in what i can only call a fortress of Synths. The music was stellar, my friend and BIG aid on these days Stephan Whitlan loved this performances the most of the day. And the hall could not have been more mesmerised by the sounds of Peter!! A great concert!!

Pyramaxx - Axel Stupplich & Andreas Morsch and guitar player Max maxxess Schiefele played a great set with quit ambient parts and heavy Rock elements. These guys know what they are doing, I loved the set.

Steve Baltes - he made the house tremble with his heavy Ambient and thrusted rythms. I did not had the time to check his concert but it sounds even in the extra rooms great! He got a huge applausse!!

John Christian and Adrian Beasley started a bit later then planned due to a technical issue. When that was solved we got a heavy improvised set with very soft ambient parts and heavy sequencing. 

And in the Foyer we had a nice break music by Gerry Havinga who got a lot of attention with his analog Eurrack set. Even Monique liked it !! And that says a lot for me.

So we had a good day filled with great EM over 150 visitors and a very cosy atmosphere.
Thanks for all who came!!


Klaus Schulze Tribute by Rob Papen & Ron Boots, yes I did not forget this from E-Day 2022. The reason is that we have preserved this for all who missed it. Yes get this music, watch the concert or even download it!! All for free. 

The story is as followed:
Rob Papen had this great idea for this E-Day. And after a cool telephone call with Rob I said yes within a second!! So!! a week after this great loss to the electronic music scene with the death of Klaus Schulze. There was a musical tribute on E-Day on the 14th of May by Rob Papen and Ron Boots in honor of Klaus.
Both have been very influenced by Klaus his music!!

You can get the music free from the following places.
If you get it here just fill in a oayment way but the amount is zero so it should go through without trouble.

And on Bandcamp

There is also a nice video of this performance.

Thanks to Rob Enzlin and Andre Stooker for the filming!!
And Rob Papen for editting it all together!
Electronic Music in the Grote of St. Bavo Church.
Grote Markt Haarlem.
Live Electronic Music in the Grote of St. Bavo Church. Grote Markt Haarlem.

Saturday 17 September 2022
Remy Stroomer and Choir - The other side
Ron Boots & Ian Boddy & Harold van der Heijden - Phase 3

Ten years ago me and Remy Stroomer organised a memorable evening at the unique location of the Grote of St.Bavokerk, situated in the centre of Haarlem.
Now, one decade later, we decided to do it again.
The same place, but different line-up.
We can guarantee it will be something very special again.

Doors are open 19:00
Concerts 19:45 - 23:00

Pre-sales Tickets are € 25.00
Tickets at the door are € 30,00
Information and tickets:

Sorry no new Dreamscape this week.

Thanks for your time!!

Ron Boots
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