Dear EM fans.

Very sad news again, 
Mark Shreeve - 1957 - 2022.

Mark Shreeve
has left the planet, departing on August 31, 2022. Mark was one the first wave of electronic musicians who were inspired by Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze.

He released his first music in 1980. Mark has had a great influence in the Berlin School with his EM band Redshift which was founded in 1996. For me one of the modern masters of Sequencing. Before that he was a great solo artist with many wonderfull albums to his name.

I met Mark several times during festivals and E-Live's where he performed with among others Ian Boddy as ARC. Mark was one of the coolest and most loving guys I ever met during our E-Live festivals. Our scene has lost an Icon as big as Schulze, Froese and Vangelis. Mark rock those heavens with your sequences!! Make it thunder!!

There is a wonderfull piece by John Dilliberto for Mark after his passing away!!
Saddend by the loss I can only say we still have the music and the memories.
More sad news,

For the 17th of September concert in the St. Bavo Church "Ian Boddy" will not be able to join me and Harold on stage. 

Due to health issue doctors have advised him not to travel.
As health is our most precious possesion it's best to do what the doctors say!
Let's hope we can make a new date in 2023 with Ian and me onstage.

I am glad to announce that Stephan Whitlan and Frank Dorittke will join Harold and me onstage for this great event. As much as Ian will be missed (not only music wise!!) these two great friends and musicians will make this event as special as you can only imagine.

----- And as special offer for all who come Groove will have a BIG selection of CD's from which you can pick 2 freebees for your EM Collection!! One more reason to come and join us! -----

Hope to see you at Live electronic music in the Big St. Bavokerk,
Grote Markt Haarlem.
“The Other Side”: Remy Stroomer with Choir.

“Phase shifted”: Ron Boots, Frank Dorittke, Stephan Whitlan and Harold van der Heijden
Saturday 17 September 2022
Doors open: 19:00
Concerts: 19:45-23:00

Tickets and information:

Physical ticket sales: VVV, Grote Markt Haarlem


Dreamscape Radio.
Many have missed this radioshow for the last 8 weeks.
Well as of Tomorrow Sunday the 4th of September it will return.
So check tomorrow around 12.00 for a new Edition of Dreamscape Radio!

Now in stock and ready to ship!!
Beyond Berlin - Live at Awakenings (cd)
Stefan Erbe - Distopia (cd)
Ian Boddy & Erik Wøllo - Revolve (digipak) (cd)
Patrick Kosmos - Visitor 1988 (cd)
Graham Getty und Matthew Stringer - Mutually Assured Destruction 
Roger Universe - Earth Express (cd)
Tangerine Dream - La Divina Commedia (6 CD Box Set)

Thanks for your time
Ron Boots
GR-334 - Patrick Kosmos    Visitor 1988

During his career, Belgian synthesist Patrick 'Wille De Wael' Kosmos did a lot of quite memorable, visual attractive live concerts. Some of them were recorded and made it onto cassette in the early days.

Patrick had the firm belief that the synthesiser was made for the sake of cosmic music.

I have a clear memory of seeing and hearing him perform his pure analogue music in Schulze-style, sitting on the ground in front of his beloved synths. While playing, he most often would immerse quickly in a state of trance as his enchanting, Berlin-School inspired cosmic music made his audience embark on a journey into the heavens.

He regarded each performance as unique and, in addition to a number of set pieces he also improvised a great deal. It was all about the music of the spheres and about the feelings with the aim of carrying the audience along in such a way that it eventually became a cosmic whole.

This live recording, made during The Visitor tour in fall 1988, is another testament of Patrick Kosmos’ talent. Hearing it again in the here and now still gives me goose bumps.

With the release of “The Visitor”, the 8th disc of “The Chronicles”, Patrick's precious musical legacy lives on...

Bert Strolenberg /
GR-335 - Beyond Berlin - Live at Awakenings.

Beyond Berlin Live in 2014 on the 13th of September, their first live performance in the UK. Enhanced by a Track from the E-Live set they did in Oirschot! This CD would never have been released without the encouragment of Bert Strolenberg!! Beyond Berlin are as all will know Martin Peters and Rene de Bakker.
22014 - Ian Boddy & Erik Wøllo    Revolve


We can ship this great release from Monday on to you!! Thanks Ian!!

“Revolve” is the fourth collaborative project between DiN label boss Ian Boddy and the acclaimed Norwegian composer and guitarist Erik Wøllo. Their previous two studio albums “Frontiers” (DiN39) and “Meridian” (DiN54) were both very well received. They also played live together at the Electronic Circus Festival V and released this performance as the digital album “EC12” (DiNDDL16).

As with their other work together “Revolve” is a continuous sonic journey, with the tracks joined together by slices of sonic ambience and field recordings. Whereas their previous two albums seemed to inhabit the frozen landscapes of the North, this time the duo seem to be exploring warmer climes. The combination of Boddy’s Moog and modular sequencing with Wøllo’s ostinato guitar patterns creates sections that ebb and flow structurally with a beguiling sense of space and freedom. Beautifully ethereal textures give way to pulsing rhythmic sequencers underpinned by solid bass lines and shimmering percussion lines, as evidenced most succinctly on the title track. Over these structures Wøllo’s guitar motifs soar and glide, especially when he uses the EBow to produce a haunting, legato tone colour. The final track “Adiona” sees Boddy joining Wøllo by playing his Ondes Martenot style French Connection keyboard for a stunning duet to close the album.

Certainly cinematic, “Revolve” is a stunning musical travelogue that cries out to be listened to as a whole album and shows the mastery both these composers have in their craft.
42673 - Stefan Erbe    Distopia

Dystopia is a fictional story that describes a dark utopian world. Stefan Erbe's new effort offers a cinematic texture that fits well with the spirit behind the title DISTOPIA. The German musician-synthesist has been collecting individual honors since his 2008 album Club Genetica. His name regularly appears in the nominations for the prestigious Schallwelle Award held annually in Germany. In fact, Serbenity is up for the best album of 2021. With its dark and mysterious envelope, DISTOPIA stands out from his previous albums. Always vitaminized by heavy and lively rhythms, as well as sometimes slow but always heavy, the 56 minutes of this last CD, which is also available for download, literally plunge into this universe of dystopia where the melodies are like thin optimistic hopes which melt as soon as they appear to reappear further on. Playing thus cat and mouse with our emotions by creating this thread that maintains a level of emotional cr e scendo on alert.

It's with heavy circadian pulses echoing in the undulating haze of the synth that Forever brings DISTOPIA out of the silence. Clear keyboard chords lay the foundation for a melody in the making in a musical envelope that intensifies its vision with its faster pace and more enveloping atmospheres. The foundations are laid for Stefan Erbe's charm operation! The sequencer releases a handful of jumping keys around the 2nd minute. They jump in a repetitive alternate motion, giving a melodic aspect to this rhythm structure that has become circular. The clear chords shimmer a little less, spinning in a darker swirling mass. They will be replaced by delicate synth laments, creating a fascinating emotional impact in this structure that evaporates a little too quickly to merge into the slow introduction of Utopia and its slow organic rhythm. The structure is delightful with these muted, rubbery percussion effects that cling to heavy, more refined percussions. As circular as Forever, the structure adopts a mid-tempo with keyboard chords whose limpidity projects a melodic aspect that shines through DISTOPIA's dystopian envelope.

Solitude offers a lot for as little as its almost 6 minutes. The structure is in dance mode with superb sequencer play dribbling its keys like Chris Franke did in the Jive years. This creative rhythm catches our attention immediately while the synth does the same with a melody sung like a guitarist can do with his talk-box. A great track! My Simple Toys follows with this dribbling effect on the percussions and this ghostly melody that comes and goes on this new Stefan Erbe CD. A melody that plays with our emotional intensity and that brings light in this counter-utopian universe.

Hands clappings around machine gun percussions and fluttering sequences The Day we Lost Ourselves elaborates a lively and evolving rhythm structure with a synth that laments through short trumpet blows. The shadows intensify with At the Edge of St orm which leads us to Signal of Change and its heavy bass line whose circular pulsations call for a good play of percussions and sequencer in a still embryonic melody structure. The orchestrations infuse a dose of drama where this melody takes more and more shape with more and more poignant synth streaks. Drum rolls on a war footing bring us to the long title-track, Distopia and its opening that reflects the essence of this long and slowly developing track. Buzzing mist and suspended synth effects provide a desolate spectacle that is enhanced by those shimmering arpeggios in the DISTOPIA setting. The haze evaporates to let a rhythmic structure trot by like a riderless horse. The synth scatters a few lines of melancholic melodies under big woosshh and waasshh that reinsert this nebulous membrane. The sequencer activates around the 4th minute, structuring a lively rhythm where the keys jump around in a static choreography. Playing between dramatic atmospheres and a rhythm that gets l o st in these ambiences, Distopia gets lost in the slow-tempo of Infinite and its sequencer lines that increase the rhythmic pressure. It's after the 2nd minute that an EDM rhythm shakes this more nebulous and quiet phase of the CD. The 1st part of Last Lost Paradise offers a panoramic ambient phase with a nice tonal setting. A rhythmic structure without driving effects gives emotional tone to this track filled with good organic and electronic effects. And so we come to Breakout and its structure divided between EDM and an electronic rock motivated by good sequencer playing.

Less melodic, but very effective in its dystopian panorama, DISTOPIA reflects wonderfully the visions of Stefan Erbe who manages to maintain a high level of interest with a creative vision of his rhythms and the atmospheres that surround them. The sequencer is as dynamic as melodic and complements perfectly these synth lines whose scarlet powers weave subtle melodic waves. This is what we call a nice balance f or an album annihilating free will.

Sylvain Lupari (February 21st, 2022)
Additions and changes from August 1 2022 till September 3 2022
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Beyond Berlin - LIVE AT AWAKENINGS (cd) gr-335
2022. By now Beyond Berlin is a household name in the Berlin School scene this is a great live registration of their first UK performance..
$ 18.49 / UKP 12.99 / EURO 14.75

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Brückner, Michael - KLAUSTROPHILIA EXTENDED (2CD) (2-cdr) 76815
$ 24.99 / UKP 17.49 / EURO 19.90

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Erbe, Stefan - DISTOPIA (cd) 42673
2022. Cool Melodic Space music..
$ 17.49 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.90

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Ian Boddy & Erik Wøllo - REVOLVE (cd) 22014
2022. Revolve is the fourth collaborative project between DiNlabel boss Ian Boddyand the acclaimed Norwegian composer and guitarist Erik Wøllo..
$ 18.25 / UKP 12.75 / EURO 14.50

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Kosmos, Patrick - VISITOR 1988 (cd) gr-334
2022. Together with Patrick brother Philip Groove plans to release his vast musicand here is part 4 of the journey with our Cosmic Courier. The Visitor 1988 is a mesmerising musical journey..
$ 17.25 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.75

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Optical Image - ANOTHER TREASURE POINT (cd) 65141
1997. A complex mixture of uptempo sequences and rhythms with great keyboard work.
$ 31.25 / UKP 21.99 / EURO 24.95
We have only ONE copy!

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2022. A trip into pure Berlin School!!.
$ 19.49 / UKP 13.75 / EURO 15.50

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Projekt Gamma - RAUM PATROUILLE 3 (2-cdr) 21197
$ 24.49 / UKP 17.25 / EURO 19.50

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Projekt Gamma - RAUM PATROUILLE 4 (2-cdr) 29400
$ 24.99 / UKP 17.49 / EURO 19.90

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Roach, Steve - WHAT REMAINS (cd) 45613
$ 19.99 / UKP 13.99 / EURO 15.90

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Roger Universe - EARTH EXPRESS (cd) 78640
$ 18.75 / UKP 12.99 / EURO 14.80

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Schmoelling, Johannes - ITER MEUM (cd) 31168
2022. The music returns to the years 1980-1985.
$ 23.75 / UKP 16.75 / EURO 19

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Schulze, Klaus - DEUS ARRAKIS (cd) 36115
2022. A new Schulze is always excited!!.
$ 27.49 / UKP 19.25 / EURO 21.99

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Spyra - MY LITTLE GARDEN OF SOUNDS 2022 (cd) 86288
2022. Space music.
$ 18.75 / UKP 13.25 / EURO 14.90

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Stearns, Michael - PLANETARY UNFOLDING -2022- (cd) 47208
1980. Performed on the Serge Synth.
$ 19.99 / UKP 13.99 / EURO 15.90

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Tangerine Dream - LA DIVINA COMMEDIA (6 CD BOX SET) (6-cd) 41396
$ 148 / UKP 104 / EURO 119

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Wahnfried - TIME ACTOR (REMASTERED) (cd) 18110
1990. Arthur Brown, Mike Shrieve, Vincent Crane Rereleased Album from 1979 
$ 23.75 / UKP 16.75 / EURO 18.99
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